slow down…

this week i was browsing through pinterest, and i stumbled upon this photo:

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

i was enjoying all the photos from The Joy Project on Ginger Unzueta’s blog, but this one…i dont’ know. it stopped me in my tracks. it almost made me cry.

i remember that life. i remember days where all i had to think about was which blanket i would use and if my mom was going to make pizza for lunch or ham sandwiches. (side note: my mom always made meals such an event. it wasn’t just sandwiches, it was sandwiches cut in half placed nicely on a plate with a side of chips and a pickle and a glass of koolaid or tang over ice and a pretty napkin…looking back, i really loved those little touches. 😉 thanks mom!) i remember summers of being at the pool all day, then coming home to play outside with my sister, nap on the trampoline while reading a book, or sit and draw in my room. those days were spent in a different mindset.

now…yes…i know….things change when you grow up. of COURSE they change. but the opportunity is still there to just be ourselves in our space. i work a full time and a part time job. i understand what “busy” can mean. but i will take this moment to honestly acknowledge that i have time to spend on enjoying life that i am not taking hold of. we all do. and with that time, i want to remember the little things that make me happy. i want to sit on my porch and read a book, take a walk around my neighborhood, or ride my bike, bake some cookies, and sit in the office and draw. i spend way way WAY too much of my free time scrolling through facebook, watching terrible television programs (although i find television relaxing, i likely watch it too much), and here’s the big one…i spend a LOT of time WISHING i had the time to do other things….and that is where i am wasting. all the time i spend thinking i can’t, i COULD, i SHOULD, and from here on out, i’m making a goal that i WILL.

i like to be on social media. i am very inspired by the beautiful photos i see on instagram, and rejoice in reading about awesome things going on in the lives of my friends, but what about MY life? i just think it is time that i sat on the couch, worked with my hands, and listened to music again. and i know one day, i HOPE one day, i have little babies to tend to, and that will make this harder, so i want to take hold of it now! really, of every “now”, because

“Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone – as though we had never been here”—Psalm 103:15-16

i feel like in different areas of the bible, God wants us to take hold of the idea that life here is short, and He has given us so much to love and enjoy. i think it is time i enjoyed the gifts from God a bit more, and stopped letting myself sit in distraction and complaint.



christmas tree

i’m so happy it is december. so happy it is cold. so happy for changing seasons, family, hot chocolate, baked goods, red and white and green everywhere! it is magical. this year, my husband and i talked about how christmas is as magical as you want to make it. if you were raised in a home where it wasn’t heavily celebrated, YOU can celebrate it! do what you love. here’s a little taste of my holiday cheer….

christmas kitchen

christmas table

i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!
i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!

little loves



it’s 2013! weeee! what does it all mean? well, it means i need to get to business on creating new projects, eating new foods, living a grateful life, and sharing it all with you! i took a pretty big break over the holidays from blogging and social media. it has been refreshing,….relaxing. but pinterest and i are involved in a pretty time-consuming relationship these days, so i have many projects to get done. one of them involves palettes!

there are many schools of thought when it comes to palette use. of course, right now, it is “all the rage”, but come to find out, it is for good cause! palettes create a pretty good chunk of waste in landfills once businesses are done using them. DIY to the rescue! so, not only do they produce some pretty amazing pieces for your home, but you are also helping businesses AND the environment in the meantime.

some will say you should not use them in your homes because of risks. i would heed the warnings, or atleast educate yourselves more on that. i plan to. but i am not going to build any indoor furniture that i will eat on or sleep on, so i am not as worried. i found a couple ideas that i would like to do, that is, if i can track down some palettes.

palette shelf

i found plenty of ideas on this one, in particular, i love. i have an empty wall behind my bathroom door that is just begging for this piece to have hanging on it.

another goal of 2013 is to not overwhelm myself with too many ideas. i am going to pick realistic projects to complete and give myself the chance to complete them. i think i can make this one happen fairly easily. the only other project i have in mind right now is to add hooks to the shelf above my kitchen sink so i can hang coffee mugs from it! it will actually be trickier than you think, because i cannot remove the shelf. so, upside down i go.

i would challenge you to find something creative to do that inspires you and makes you feel alive. it could be reading a book, writing, singing, painting, sewing, dancing, etc…anything. it sounds cheesy, but i am no longer concerned with “cheesy”. i don’t care anymore. i just want to live, and appreciate every day that God gives me to be who i am.

if you are interested in checking out my pinterest projects and all the excellent things i find, you can click here!

happy monday!

inspiration running wild

ok. i have 2 great posts for you tomorrow and thursday. tomorrow i will share my DIY date-night photos with you. (i have to upload and edit at home because i can’t do that at work), and then thursday i will share with you how my halloween costume turned out. as for today, i just thought i would take a moment to recognize some of my loves on Pinterest. i love pinterest. i can’t remember if i told you that recently or not. but i do. i find so many good, creative, powerful things on there…so i want to share a few with you. in fact, i may make this a steady part of my blog. atleast once a week, i would like to share some of my finds, and hopefully, sometime documentation of making said finds…so, here you go. happy hallows-eve.

i find plenty of art ideas for my house on pinterest. i believe i blogged about my living room art a while back. my next project might be this…(courtesy of “Design, Dining, and Diapers“)

i may not do a deer, but this kind of art is easy enough for anyone to do. you can either free hand something, or blow up an image, print it, cut it out and stencil around it. you can also change your background. buy a canvas and paint it a solid color, or do the same with wood, just stained differently. the options are endless…and i love that.

you can find items to buy, or jewlrey to potentially create? these are available on Etsy!

if i could find these or learn to make them, except in silver, i would be one happy camper. i LOVE these…they give me joy.

pinterest is a place where you can find inspiring home decor ideas…things that actually seem possible. (courtesy of “Wolf in the Forest“)

now, i fully believe i could make this happen….if only i could learn how.

you can also find awesome home improvement ideas, or just things that make sense around the house. i LOVE this idea from “Turnstyle Vogue“.

these are lemon pieces in vinegar, frozen in ice cube trays, that you can throw in your garbage disposal to clean and make your house smell delightful. i already throw lemons in mine, so it just makes sense.

pinterest is full of moving words…this next thing is from “Style Me Pretty“…and it’s a classic.

often times, you can find quotes executed wonderfully on pinterest, or quotes perhaps you knew once but had forgotten.

you can find my pinterest page on the title bar of my blog. check it out, and if you aren’t on pinterest, you should really invest some of your time in this…especially if you are crafty and like to create beautiful things while spending less money.

cupcake art…

i was browsing pinterest one random day, and i stumbled upon a great photo of cupcake liner art. the photo was of someone who had taken different sized liners and thumb-tacked them onto the wall in a pretty pattern. i immediately fell in love with the concept, but the problems were glaring me in the face: first of all, i rent, and i don’t think my landlady would appreciate my putting 100 tiny tack-holes in the wall. second, since i live in an old place, the walls are weird and hate me most of the time when it comes to hanging things (cinderblock behind plaster), so things tend to make larger holes than planned and not be secure. unfortunately, my mind was made up about this idea….so i twisted it to fit my life. perhaps this will help you too……

i started off with a blank canvas, some paint, and some cupcake liners. (the ones i used were plain white. pictured here are some with decor on it, so if you don’t want to keep it too simple, you can use decorative liners, and that can really add to the piece) the color i chose for my canvas was a deep, dark purple. my living room has a rusty orange couch, my hardwood floors are stained with an orange-ish tint, and my door is bright red. (well….WAS bright red, but that story is for another day.) the purple helped tone down the room and bring a little “coolness” to it. you can choose any color. you can paint it solid, or do a light wash with acrylic paint.

before placing the liners onto my canvas, i stretched them out by pulling the pleats apart. you don’t have to do this, i just wanted to make these circles as large as i could. if you want the piece to be more 3-dimensional, i suggest not stretching the liners.

i could not find liners that were drastic enough in size differences, so i just cut out the centers to make smaller circles.

i had several black thumb-tacks on hand, so i used those for the “centers” of the cupcakes. to make it more interesting, i would place the tacks in other areas of the liners, rather than the center. you can use any color your heart desires!…or that you can find…..or if you want to paint the tacks….

what i ended up with was a smaller, single piece of art that had the same feel as the one i had seen. i love it, and i cannot believe how easy it was.

***a side note….if you have small children that you suspect might ever decide to mess with wall art, after pushing the tacks into the canvas, i would flip the canvas over and either file the tack ends a little or bend them over with needle nose plyers or a hammer. that way the kids couldn’t pull the tacks out of the canvas.