does it all HAVE to mean something?

i’m pretty sure i have posted about this before…in the past…i don’t know. but here it is, stumbling back into my brain like a drunk cousin that calls you for a place to sleep while they are “in town”.

courtesy of
courtesy of

it is odd, the feeling i get when i see kid art. something about kids painting pictures of their moms, their houses, their dogs, their unicorns…wait, what….their DREAMS…it always hits this innocent spot within me. it makes me remember the days i sat around and dreamed for no other reason other than to just dream. it felt good to believe the impossible, and seek out the unlikely. and when i see kid art, it reminds me that at some point in my life, i did things “just because”. i had absolutely no productive reason to do any of it, but i did it none the less. and it made me happy, even though there was no sellable product or result to come from it other than my mom telling me “good job” and my sister laughing at my polka-dotted horse that reminded her of something that had been shot…a bunch.

linds, it was POLKA-DOTS! that horse was beyond happy with its spots.

my husband is a big dreamer. he stops short when you ask him to do it out loud and on purpose, but that doesn’t matter. he LIVES it. i see him teach himself new tricks all the time — embracing the unknown and the lingering desire to just go and do. and i think, “man, i wish i were as unafraid and bold and in tune with my inner child”, but sadly, i am not.

but maybe i could be…

does it all HAVE to mean something? likely, the answer to this question is absolutely not. because if we allow ourselves to drift back to our childhood, maybe we can see that these gifts and creative impulses are to bring delight to God.

in those moments of letting loose, we find that those are some of the most treasured moments, moments that mean a great deal to our Father. He made us…and that doesn’t just include our thoughts and our actions and how we turned out as a responsible, involved adult…it means our creativity, our imagination, our dreams, our sense of humor. He made all of it. let loose, be ridiculous, draw a picture for no one, sing a song alone, make up a dance routine to a song in your kitchen (c’mon, you KNOW you used to do that when you were a kid…always a choreographer), tell a story that is complete fiction and fantasy and includes mermaids and giant sea people…do it, and you will feel all that stress and all that adult-ness wash away, if just for a moment. it doesn’t mean it won’t still be there, but maybe it will make it a little more manageable with a tiny laugh tucked safely away in your arsenal, helping you get through it with a smile.


honor and excitement!

recently i started helping out a couple local wedding photographers in the nashville area to capture perfect, beautiful, special days—wedding days! My sister of Lindsey Johnson Photography was recently featured on Ruffled Blog, so, by association, SO WAS I! and it is crazy exciting to be apart of that, as well! Ruffled Blog is an awesome place to get inspired for your own wedding! or, like me, if you have helped plan weddings, it is a place to see REAL weddings. things REAL brides have accomplished. the images that Amanda, the creator, chooses are spectacular. i love love love looking at all these beautiful weddings. you can’t help but be inspired. and, of course, the photography is gorgeous! all of that to say, my sister and i are feeling beyond excited to get this opportunity!

Thank you to Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville for this beautiful property to shoot weddings at! the view out there is a breath of fresh air.

If you would like to see the whole post, please take a look here! Enjoy! and cheers to many more opportunities like this to come!


friday friday! happy weekend everyone! it has always been such a strange concept…a weekend. i have not had a true weekend since…well, maybe ever. i started competitive swimming at the age of 6, and from then on out, weekends were filled with swim practice and swim meets. once i became a teenager, not only were the weekends filled with the previously mentioned, but also a job. once i got to college, that one job turned into two. no “weekend” still. now, with a more realistic adult job, i still occupy my weekends with a side job at a coffee shop. the most exciting addition to my weekend? being a second shooter for my sister‘s photography business! i am so stinkin’ excited! adam and i even broke down and bought me a very nice, VERY professional camera like my sister uses. tomorrow morning is my first officially hired wedding!
my camera
it is a cannon EOS 5D Mark II. and. i. love. it! Lindsey is teaching me how to shoot in manual. it is no easy task, but i think after a good amount of practice, i will eventually get the hang of it, and it will become second nature to me. so far so good. i did a wedding with her last year, but at the time it wasn’t a paid job. she thought i did such a good job, she ended up paying me for my time.
helper wedding
this one time assistant hobby has turned into a full blown second…ahem…i mean third job, being hired for a total of 9 weddings from now until december!

i am so blessed to be in a family of creativity, and to be able to express that creativity not only through here and my etsy page, but with Lindsey Johnson Photography. i even got hired to second shoot with the girl who did MY wedding photography, Alissa Saylor!
my wedding

this is going to be quite the adventure!

wish me luck! and happy friday!

…too long

where has the time gone??? last time i posted was february, i think, then all of a sudden it is the end of MAY! whaaaaa? well, i have had some awesome life things happening, so i guess i just took a break to live life. here is not only your update, but also some delightful things you might enjoy. 🙂

we have celebrated many occasions since i last posted. in fact, right before my last post we celebrated Adam’s birthday! he is the ripe ‘ol age of 29 (last year of his 20’s!). normally i would do a cake, but The Donut Den in Nashville makes giant birthday donuts! oh. my. gosh. yes please! we absolutely loved it. it was deeeelicious!
birthday donut

but let’s not forget MY birthday! adam was so sweet. i was sick that day, which was no fun at all. it was the third day in a row of me feeling rotten. but we made the day special anyway. i had a meeting in the morning, then they took me out to brunch at Marche’ in East Nashville. good grief, i had french toast and it was perfect to ease my sick self. then we went to coffee at Bongo Java East. i went home to lay down for a bit, but i refused to let the day be spoiled. i did an all natural remedy for my sinus infection, and took down some of my concoction (Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar-2tbsp., local honey or grade B maple syrup-2tbsp., and warm water-6oz.) it helped perk me back up.
i ended up going to Chago’s for margaritas with my friend Nikki. glad i didn’t cancel because it ended up being a surprise thing with some other friends! it was so nice to hang out and drink several margaritas. not sure which helped me get back to my healthy state, the apple cider vinegar mixture, or the tequila.

then my sister picked me up and took me shopping. she bought me my now favorite pair of shoes! Minnetonka Moccasins!
birthday shoes
lastly, i came home to my husband and best friend for cake and rest. adam made me a card, a cake, and bought me some vodka. what a man…..
my birthday

it was an amazing day! and i woke up saturday feeling 100 times better!

of course, there is more…but that’s all for today!

my first gig…

i went to MTSU here in tenneseee to get my bachelors degree in fine art. i graduated in 2008 and am slowly beginning to put this education to work. i just really love artistic, beautiful, colorful things. although i majored in painting, i am not 100% settled in one area of art yet; all i know is that i want to surround myself with creativity. that statement brings me to my most recent adventure. my sister, Lindsey, of Lindsey Johnson Photography is a wedding/baby photographer, and personally, i think she is the bees knees at this stuff. she works very hard and is quite passionate about what she is doing. she recently did an enviable engagement photo shoot for a couple out in Leiper’s Fork at Southall Eden. the glory of the shoot was that i got to assist her. katherine and ethan were amazing, and i was happy that they did not seem to mind my presence there. (i know when i did engagement photos, i felt beyond awkward being followed around by a camera) when a photographer does a photo shoot, often times they add props to the settings. lindsey trusts me enough to take my creativity and help apply it to something she puts her name on. it was an enlightening experience. i had a lot of creative freedom, not to mention a room FULL of props located on the property. lindsey let me decide on most of the choices, and from it, i felt invigorated! it was certainly work hauling old laterns, antique bottles, tree branches, chairs, blankets, chalkboards and picture frames up and down stairs and across the property, but i loved being apart of something that is intimate and treasured among couples for the rest of their lives. i have a few new goals that have branched out of this experience, and i cannot wait to assist her again!

lindsey and i chose the wire laterns hanging on the columns, and i found a goldmine of antique bottles and a bird cage that we placed on the bar behind them.

this prop room was overflowing with good ideas…

Katherine is a painter as well…so finding ideas for her was easy!

you don’t always notice the props in a photo shoot…because they are not usually meant to be noticed. but looking back at lindsey’s work, i am proud to have helped create the energy that katherine and ethan radiated so naturally.