the week has been long, and a tad gloomy here. sometimes when i’m feeling inspired for a good amount of time, my candle burns down till it is just a tiny flame, and i lose my way. so today’s quote helps me feel re-inspired…..


happy friday.



the mad hatter–“have i gone mad?”

alice–“i’m afraid so. you’re entirely bonkers. but i’ll tell you a secret. all the best people are.”

it’s ok to be a little crazy sometimes.

the week ends

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“pick the day. enjoy it-to the hilt. the day as is comes. people as they come…the past, i think, has helped me appreciate the present and i don’t want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”
–Audrey Hepburn

have a wonderfully appreciated weekend….no matter what your weekend looks like, enjoy it. those of you that work, don’t think, “psh, i wish i could”…find a way. life is a gift…every moment.