a lesson for today…and everyday.


patience…patience…patience. that is what God is calling out to me lately. learn to be patient. but why? why do I have to be patient? I have been thinking about this quite a bit today. what does it mean to be patient?

patient: bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc., with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like.

so, why is this so difficult? and why is it so important that God talks to us about it in His Word?

I keep thinking about God’s timing. trusting Him, believing He has my plan and my story mapped out, and I just need to follow Him in order to obtain it. I also think about all the blessings that have come my way because I have not yet received that which I ask for. I see my husband and I continue to grow in love, learning each other better all the time. I see us growing financially. not only are we paying down old debts, but we are learning how not to create new ones. we are learning to be patient for the things we want in life. I see us both growing in maturity towards life and what life deals down to us. I see acceptance for things we cannot change. and I see our faith growing in leaps and bounds. there are so many positive things that have come from us being patient…waiting……and waiting on God, not just on ourselves.

but I’m not going to sugar coat it. it IS hard. I want to control…I want to fix…I want to manage…I want to plan. and I am planning, and I can only assume that that is appropriate. adam and I are being patient, waiting on a baby. we are waiting on our son or daughter to come meet us. however he/she arrives, we are being patient. and it is so so hard. I am overjoyed to see my friends get pregnant. I am blessed to watch their babies grow, and watch them work through the trials of being parents. I am being educated, and learning to have an open mind about what it means to be a parent. God is teaching me. He is helping me grow…in the midst of this patience. and most importantly, today, I realized He is teaching me to live in this time of waiting. we are so often looking towards the next thing. going to highschool, driving a car, graduating, going to college, starting a job, getting married, buying a home, having a baby, ….then the baby comes, and we beg for it all to slow down. so many moms I have spoken with have expressed the desire to make the next thing STOP coming so fast. “why can’t she be little forever”…”I’m not ready for him to go to school yet”…”they grow up so fast….i blinked and he became a man”.

how can we learn to live in this moment of our lives? God keeps us in waiting periods so often. we work towards moving into the next season, but sometimes it is out of our hands. and waiting on a baby has made that clearer than any other stage in my life. I feel in control when finding a new job, paying off my debts, getting married, etc. I feel like I have a huge hand in making those things happen or not happen. but a baby…a miracle…a gift of life inside my womb, or inside another woman’s womb to somehow find me? now that…..at that I am completely lost for words. I am putty in His hands, and begging for His plan. and I trust Him. I see friends who got pregnant unexpectedly, and they will tell you, “this baby saved my life”…”if I had not gotten pregnant, I don’t know where I would be today”. and it only makes me trust His timing more. He knows when the time is right. and I will surrender to that. in the meantime, I want to appreciate the time I have now…as me and my husband…as me alone.

be patient, amanda. be patient in paying off your debts. you will get there, it just takes time. be patient, amanda, in your weight loss endeavors. it takes time to lose weight, and you just have to stick with it. be patient, amanda, before buying a house. the timing is not right yet. be patient, amanda, for your child. They will come in the right time.

….and be thankful, amanda, while you wait. be content with what has been given to you, because so much has been given.

I am so so blessed. so blessed. and I want to focus on my blessings today and everyday. God may never give adam and I a baby. and if he does not, it is important that we don’t waste another day wishing for what we do not have, but rather recognizing what we do.

…..and I must remind myself of this…every day. it will not be easy, but it will help me grow.


heart garland

i find that it makes me very happy to keep my desk decorated at work. i just started this job at the beginning of October, so i haven’t had to think too hard on how to make my desk look festive. as the “holiday season” has ended and we move into a long chunk of non-holiday time, i have to try to find “classy” ways to bring some color and joy into my little world.

so, it is february, and i decided to make a hanging heart garland. nothing too fancy, just small and simple. i love it! now i need to make one for our home! adam is always such a good sport for any decorating i want to do. i am blessed to have that support. here is a shot of my garland taken with my cell phone….it’s not a very good picture, but you get the idea!

heart garland

there really is no need for any type of tutorial. it was simple. i just drew out odd shaped hearts on white and red construction paper, cut them out, and taped them to some string. i didn’t like being able to see the tape, so i drew out some more and stuck them to the back side of the hearts. that’s it! easy. i love hanging decorations. and when it is just paper, you only need to use tape!

….but what will i do for march?


it’s 2013! weeee! what does it all mean? well, it means i need to get to business on creating new projects, eating new foods, living a grateful life, and sharing it all with you! i took a pretty big break over the holidays from blogging and social media. it has been refreshing,….relaxing. but pinterest and i are involved in a pretty time-consuming relationship these days, so i have many projects to get done. one of them involves palettes!

there are many schools of thought when it comes to palette use. of course, right now, it is “all the rage”, but come to find out, it is for good cause! palettes create a pretty good chunk of waste in landfills once businesses are done using them. DIY to the rescue! so, not only do they produce some pretty amazing pieces for your home, but you are also helping businesses AND the environment in the meantime.

some will say you should not use them in your homes because of risks. i would heed the warnings, or atleast educate yourselves more on that. i plan to. but i am not going to build any indoor furniture that i will eat on or sleep on, so i am not as worried. i found a couple ideas that i would like to do, that is, if i can track down some palettes.

palette shelf

i found plenty of ideas on brightnest.com. this one, in particular, i love. i have an empty wall behind my bathroom door that is just begging for this piece to have hanging on it.

another goal of 2013 is to not overwhelm myself with too many ideas. i am going to pick realistic projects to complete and give myself the chance to complete them. i think i can make this one happen fairly easily. the only other project i have in mind right now is to add hooks to the shelf above my kitchen sink so i can hang coffee mugs from it! it will actually be trickier than you think, because i cannot remove the shelf. so, upside down i go.

i would challenge you to find something creative to do that inspires you and makes you feel alive. it could be reading a book, writing, singing, painting, sewing, dancing, etc…anything. it sounds cheesy, but i am no longer concerned with “cheesy”. i don’t care anymore. i just want to live, and appreciate every day that God gives me to be who i am.

if you are interested in checking out my pinterest projects and all the excellent things i find, you can click here!

happy monday!

an end. a beginning.

welcome to the holidays…officially. everyone decorates the weekend after thanksgiving. am i wrong for wanting to wait until the first weekend in december? well, then i’m wrong. i just need a little build up. i want to finish out my 30 days of thanks at my desk, although i fell completely apart on the facebook endeavor. i will have to make up for it.

i DID, however, go buy my decorations for my desk at work, but i won’t put them up yet. target, oh target. you will be the death of my bank account. i heart so much about your decor.

i got this one in white to go beside my berry tree!

we’re going with a classy christmas this year. atleast at work. at home, i enjoy a little tacky. i have decorations that i have used for years, and that my mother before that used for years. i love doing that. it makes me feel like home.

in the mean time, don’t mind me, i’ll just be preparing for christmas, dreaming of a home that looks like this for the season…

i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving full of the ones you love.

a chalkboard home.

i love chalkboard walls. i love the idea of it. i am a little held back because i think of cleaning up the dust, but overall, i plan to make this happen in my world sooner than later. we rent right now, but i think my landlady would be ok with us doing this. so, i picked a few inspirations that i have stumbled upon online.

you can even mix it with other colors now. i recently read a blog by Under the Sycamore about where to find that and how to “prime” your wall to prepare it for the chalk. uber helpful and worth a read. plus, her photos are always amazing! check it out.

happy monday-almost-turkey-lovers-day.

holiday projects…

this past weekend i enjoyed probably the last weekend of beautiful early fall temperatures. it was so nice. we went to my parents’ house in the mountains, marveled at the perfect tennessee fall colors, and enjoyed the windows being open all day. today in middle tennessee, it is rainy and a bit brisk. still lovely, but a tad gloomier. all of this change just gets me more excited for thanksgiving, christmas, and cold weather!

i sent out an invite to a few ladies to get together and do a “holiday craft night” for some things on our pinterest boards. i am so stinkin’ excited to get a head start this year on decorations…well, really to actually make them so that i can enjoy them in my home rather than just on my computer screen. here are some of the ones i have chosen to make…and once i make them, i will share with you how i did!….

courtesy of kendraslifesong.blogspot.com/2011/12/chirstmastime.html
for my front door?
courtesy of http://www.ourunexpectedjourney.blogspot.com/2011/11/let-decorating-begin.html

these are just 2 different wreath ideas that i want to give a try. i think the burlap one would be perfect for my office at work, and the letter wreath would look amazing on my door. i might change the color, since my door is red! oh…and for those of you that struggle with being able to hang wreaths, i saw the MOST amazing idea to solve your (and my) problem!

thank you pinterest! … upside down command hook. How to hang a Wreath on a cabinet or outside storm door…i have been wanting to do this for so long but couldn’t.

happy crafting!

inspiration running wild

ok. i have 2 great posts for you tomorrow and thursday. tomorrow i will share my DIY date-night photos with you. (i have to upload and edit at home because i can’t do that at work), and then thursday i will share with you how my halloween costume turned out. as for today, i just thought i would take a moment to recognize some of my loves on Pinterest. i love pinterest. i can’t remember if i told you that recently or not. but i do. i find so many good, creative, powerful things on there…so i want to share a few with you. in fact, i may make this a steady part of my blog. atleast once a week, i would like to share some of my finds, and hopefully, sometime documentation of making said finds…so, here you go. happy hallows-eve.

i find plenty of art ideas for my house on pinterest. i believe i blogged about my living room art a while back. my next project might be this…(courtesy of “Design, Dining, and Diapers“)

i may not do a deer, but this kind of art is easy enough for anyone to do. you can either free hand something, or blow up an image, print it, cut it out and stencil around it. you can also change your background. buy a canvas and paint it a solid color, or do the same with wood, just stained differently. the options are endless…and i love that.

you can find items to buy, or jewlrey to potentially create? these are available on Etsy!

if i could find these or learn to make them, except in silver, i would be one happy camper. i LOVE these…they give me joy.

pinterest is a place where you can find inspiring home decor ideas…things that actually seem possible. (courtesy of “Wolf in the Forest“)

now, i fully believe i could make this happen….if only i could learn how.

you can also find awesome home improvement ideas, or just things that make sense around the house. i LOVE this idea from “Turnstyle Vogue“.

these are lemon pieces in vinegar, frozen in ice cube trays, that you can throw in your garbage disposal to clean and make your house smell delightful. i already throw lemons in mine, so it just makes sense.

pinterest is full of moving words…this next thing is from “Style Me Pretty“…and it’s a classic.

often times, you can find quotes executed wonderfully on pinterest, or quotes perhaps you knew once but had forgotten.

you can find my pinterest page on the title bar of my blog. check it out, and if you aren’t on pinterest, you should really invest some of your time in this…especially if you are crafty and like to create beautiful things while spending less money.