christmas tree

i’m so happy it is december. so happy it is cold. so happy for changing seasons, family, hot chocolate, baked goods, red and white and green everywhere! it is magical. this year, my husband and i talked about how christmas is as magical as you want to make it. if you were raised in a home where it wasn’t heavily celebrated, YOU can celebrate it! do what you love. here’s a little taste of my holiday cheer….

christmas kitchen

christmas table

i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!
i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!

little loves




for starters, i am going to make some sort of advent calendar. i have obviously missed the boat on this year….UNLESS i can just do a simple one and start late! as long as i start by the end of the first week, i feel like it’s ok. here are my options!

this one is a total possibility...and doable.
this one is a total possibility…and doable.
well, i downloaded this photo, but i didn't mean to get the bottom picture.  i wish i could do this top one, but i don't have that container...maybe next year....
well, i downloaded this photo, but i didn’t mean to get the bottom picture. i wish i could do this top one, but i don’t have that container…maybe next year….

this one is one i have been oogleing at for over a year…should’a would’a could’a….

advent 3

….and this one is just awesome.

advent awesome

so…this last one, i will have you know, is happening. maybe not as an advent, but i have a sad little empty wall just begging for some kind of christmas festivity. there it is. oh yes.

but seriously, as sad as it is, i am just now learning that “advent” has much to do with my religion. this year i plan on honoring the true meaning of advent….eyes on Jesus, everyone. eyes looking up.

“the meaning of advent…”

happy monday!

an end. a beginning.

welcome to the holidays…officially. everyone decorates the weekend after thanksgiving. am i wrong for wanting to wait until the first weekend in december? well, then i’m wrong. i just need a little build up. i want to finish out my 30 days of thanks at my desk, although i fell completely apart on the facebook endeavor. i will have to make up for it.

i DID, however, go buy my decorations for my desk at work, but i won’t put them up yet. target, oh target. you will be the death of my bank account. i heart so much about your decor.

i got this one in white to go beside my berry tree!

we’re going with a classy christmas this year. atleast at work. at home, i enjoy a little tacky. i have decorations that i have used for years, and that my mother before that used for years. i love doing that. it makes me feel like home.

in the mean time, don’t mind me, i’ll just be preparing for christmas, dreaming of a home that looks like this for the season…

i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving full of the ones you love.