luca’s welcome party

this past weekend i was surrounded by children. not being a mother myself, but hoping to be one day, i relish the time i get to spend around these growing, exploring, crying, laughing, life-changing delights. i always feel so blessed to spend time with my friends and their families. we celebrated the birth of my friend diana and abe’s second child, luca. we didn’t get a chance to do a baby shower for her before he came, so we decided to have a little get together for the after math. diana is full-blooded romanian and abe is both costa-rican and jamaican. their first boy, my godson, marc is so beautiful and fully boy. he is wild at heart and full of life, just like diana. we are all interested to see what personality luca will have. several of our friends came with their children in tow. i thought i would share some of my favorite photos from the day.

i used the bunting i made to decorate, and gave it to luca as a present

tea time

probably my favorite shot of the day.

big brother marc

modern day baby celebrations usually include men…which makes me happy.

meet the new dad!

…and the new mom!

and, of course, the reason we all came, and the boy who slept through the whole entire thing, luca.


DIY bunting…

so, i figured that i would make a post about how to create the bunting. i know you can pretty much find this on any blog that you see, but i figured that i would join in the fun and be a teacher too. so, here we go…

ok….so, if you do not know how to use a sewing machine, i would suggest that be your first step. i will be honest, bunting is how i learned.

to get started, get out that rusty old sewing maching, or oil up your over-used one (which if you have an over-used one i am sure this is child’s play to you).

you will need some basic materials:
a rotary cutter
a self-healing cutting mat (so awesome)
bias tape (you can make your own if you don’t have any)
your choice of fabric
a stencil for making your shapes (you can make your own of these as well)
an iron/ironing board
a handful of patience


step one: choose your fabric. double it over so that when you cut, you will have 2 pieces for each cut. be sure to line the sides up well. (some people that sell fabric will just tear the pieces before they package it. if so, just cut a thin line down the side to even out the rough edges)


step two: measure the fabric you want to use by placing the stencil on top to see how much material will be required. then cut the amount of fabric necessary to make your “flags”. on this particular one, i chose 5 different fabrics and cut out 4 flags for each.

using your stencil, measure the height and width necessary to make how ever many flags you choose. then, cut out the whole area before cutting each individual shape. (it is easier to cut without all that extra fabric) i made triangle flags on mine, but you can use a circle to make half circle shapes as well. ….or any shape, really.

you can use any tools to help you keep a straight line, but a ruler of sorts made from plastic is helpful. be sure to keep it still so your line will be straight.

it is always a “best practice” to iron the fabric before you begin cutting. you can iron later, but it is more precise to do it before, as well. it will help you keep your 2 pieces lined up while cutting your shapes out.


step three: repeat step one and two for all the fabrics you choose. now you have all your pieces!

step four: the fabric will be color side up, but this is not how you will sew it, so be sure to flip BOTH sides around so that they are top to top, and what you see is the backs of both pieces. line them up as evenly as you can. some people like to use sewing pins to hold the fabric in place until you get better at keeping them together while you sew. you can sew right over these pins and they will just slide out after you are finished.

[caption id="attachment_163" align="aligncenter" width="682"] turning the pieces where you see the backs of both, and the tops are face-to-face

line the pieces up as evenly as you can

you can use the pins to hold the 2 pieces together while you sew.

step five: now you are ready to sew the pieces together. you will only sew 2 out of the 3 sides together. i like to sew down one side until i am about 1/4 inch from the end, stop sewing, rotate the triangle, then continue sewing down the second side to the very end. remember! you should have one side open and two sides sewn together….almost like you have made a tiny triangular pouch.

sew down the first side of the triangle

when you are almost to the end of the tip, rotate the piece and continue sewing down the second side. keep the spacing the same as the first side.

sew the second side all the way to the end.

step six: once you have all your triangles sewn, place your thumbs inside the open side of each one and flip the pieces inside out. you should now be able to see the colorful sides of your triangles.

step seven: all of your triangles will be a little “full”, so you will want to iron them down to create a “flag” look. also, this helps in the next sewing step…


full vs. flat

step eight: now you are ready for the final touches. this next part is where you set up your bias tape. i usually like to pick a new color or different stitch pattern for this part since these stiches will be seen. you will want to place the flags equidistant from one another along the tape. you can do this a few ways: you can sew one flag at a time, or you can use the pins to hold them all in place and just sew all the way down. i like to keep it slow and steady since i am a smidge perfectionist, so i insert each flag as i sew, stopping after each one to place the next. i never remove the string of flags from the machine, but i place them right before i sew.

the bias tape has two sides…place each flag in between the fabric.

it will hide the open side of each shape, giving it nice clean lines

you can use pins to hold the flags in place in the bias tape if necessary.

step done: now you are done! you can line the flags up right beside one another or leave space in between if you want less flags. i have done it both ways and think both look great. totally up to you! congratulations on your new festive decor! enjoy.

—you can find my bunting for sale at The Rooftop Birds on etsy—

my etsy page

my most recent project was to create an etsy page to advertise my “guest-book” paintings. finally, after all the worrying, procrastination, and fear, i did it! i am very happy to finally be moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, once you get on etsy, there are a million things you want to put up on your page, so this site can expect to see much more activity from me in the near future. Here are a few examples of things i will be posting, or already have posted!

drum corp figurines

black and white birds

brown and white birds

blades of grass

"paper" trees