i’ve been busy reading…

it has been forever since i last posted. every monday comes and then every friday goes, and i think, ugh…what am i so busy doing that i cannot take the time? well, i have been busy reading….

…”reading what?”…you may ask. well, i have just been enjoying the blogging world. looking at photos, reading about homemade laundry detergent, discovering AMAZING new recipes through pinterest, and just living it all out.

in the past month or so, i have made some very delicious recipes for my hubbs. my most recent favorite is a balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with bacon and walnut brussels sprouts! seriously amazing…seriously delicious.

photo courtesy of C & C Marriage Factory blog!
photo courtesy of C&C Marriage Factory blog!

i have also spent a lot of time browsing a new blog i keep up with called “The Mommypotamus“. i may not have children (yet), but this blog is full of holistic, natural recipes, homemade cleaners, and advice. i can’t get enough of it. this week, the allergy/cold/sinus bug is trying its best to get me down, but i am going to try some of her remedies to see if it helps…which brings me to what i want to share, specifically, today. her post about natural cold remedies. is spring trying to pull you down too? well, check this out!

p.s….i plan to get back in the swing of posting soon. thank you to everyone who follows me. it is flattering beyond words!

happy tuesday!


clean week.

courtesy of sayyestohoboken.com

this week is a real challenge for me. my husband and i came home from thanksgiving feeling unbelievably bloated and heavy. we really didn’t eat that much, but i think all the extra carbs and ice cream that we normally enjoy on occasion were a bit too much for our systems. now, adam eats healthy 85% of the time at home. i, however, am not so disciplined. but i have really been feeling blah, so when he told me he was doing 8 days of strict clean eating, i signed on.

within a day i was almost in tears for a hot chocolate, or a mt. dew….or something bread-y. but i have stuck with it. now well into day 3, i’m feeling strong. on top of that, i joined a master’s swimteam this week (woo!) and got back in my running routine. i am pretty excited about the swimteam. i will have to continue to push myself to get out of bed this week, since i am not used to going yet, but i fully believe that i will feel very rewarded!

during this week, we will not eat any sugar (except fruit), no carbs (only the ones in green veggies), no alcohol (which is easy for him), and no starch. it is actually difficult to get in all the calories you need this way, which is impressive to me, since i can inhale over 2000 calories with ease when i am eating those other things.

this is not a weight loss routine, it is a small cleansing routine. i just need to be off sugar for a little bit. i eat so much of it.

for dinner, we had brussels sprouts and salmon! adam cooks a meeeean salmon. whenever i am ready to venture back into a touch of sweet, i plan on spicing my brussels sprouts up, like the picture above. i found the recipe on “Say Yes to Hoboken” and i cannot wait to try it out. i love brussels sprouts. then, when we are taking our “cheat” meal, i will be making THIS for breakfast!….

(these pancakes are still pretty good for you, so they won’t be too bad of a cheat. i found the recipe at “Biggest Loser Recipes“. my father-in-law made some very similar to these over the holidays, and he added greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese. they were amazing! truly!)

until then, i think these 2 breakfast items will be awesome….

egg whites and veggies, bake in muffin tin @350 for 20-25 min

–i haven’t tried this, so if it explodes, don’t blame me!

i also want to make this. the potatoes and the cheese will have to be omitted while i’m eating clean, but i can add them back in.

courtesy of savvy delicious

you can find the recipe for this dish here!

well, happy eating, and happy healthy-ing.
it’s never too early to start your “new years resolution”.

Renewing My Morning Workout Vows

my friend maggie with “Real Life Maggie” posts plenty of informative and motivating things on her blog AND her awesome pinterest page. this one was especially exciting for me because 1) i am trying to get back into morning workouts (now that i don’t work at 4:30am!) and i absolutely love love brussels sprouts. and i didn’t even know how delicious they could be until adam introduced me!!! anyway….enjoy this blog and her recipe.