a chalkboard home.

i love chalkboard walls. i love the idea of it. i am a little held back because i think of cleaning up the dust, but overall, i plan to make this happen in my world sooner than later. we rent right now, but i think my landlady would be ok with us doing this. so, i picked a few inspirations that i have stumbled upon online.

you can even mix it with other colors now. i recently read a blog by Under the Sycamore about where to find that and how to “prime” your wall to prepare it for the chalk. uber helpful and worth a read. plus, her photos are always amazing! check it out.

happy monday-almost-turkey-lovers-day.


shameless self promotion…

not really, but i figured it was about time i shared a taste of what kind of art i actually create. i have gone through many phases, and will continue to do so, i’m sure. right now my focus is on guestbook paintings, so the suject matter has changed a bit, but i am still using the same style.

if you look closely, although the painting appears flat, it is not completely. i have a method that allows me to create a slight raised layer in between colors. it helps catch highlights and create shadows that would not have been there before.

these pieces are from my senior exhibit in college. the main thing that has changed since then is i am trying to move into calmer colors. i think a lot of that desire comes from doing pieces geared a bit more towards weddings. i like that colors are muted and soft, so i will be doing some more pieces like that.

the piece that started all this craze was one that is abstract and very different. art school is all about stretching yourself and discovering new techniques…

this piece represented an exceptionally experimental time in painting for me. i don’t tend to do pieces quite this abstract, but it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces, still hanging on my wall at home.

a technique that i would love to spend more time with is encaustic painting. i made this piece during a summer semester learning encaustic paintings. i gave it to my dad for a present. it, also, is one of my favorite pieces i ever did.

inspiration running wild

ok. i have 2 great posts for you tomorrow and thursday. tomorrow i will share my DIY date-night photos with you. (i have to upload and edit at home because i can’t do that at work), and then thursday i will share with you how my halloween costume turned out. as for today, i just thought i would take a moment to recognize some of my loves on Pinterest. i love pinterest. i can’t remember if i told you that recently or not. but i do. i find so many good, creative, powerful things on there…so i want to share a few with you. in fact, i may make this a steady part of my blog. atleast once a week, i would like to share some of my finds, and hopefully, sometime documentation of making said finds…so, here you go. happy hallows-eve.

i find plenty of art ideas for my house on pinterest. i believe i blogged about my living room art a while back. my next project might be this…(courtesy of “Design, Dining, and Diapers“)

i may not do a deer, but this kind of art is easy enough for anyone to do. you can either free hand something, or blow up an image, print it, cut it out and stencil around it. you can also change your background. buy a canvas and paint it a solid color, or do the same with wood, just stained differently. the options are endless…and i love that.

you can find items to buy, or jewlrey to potentially create? these are available on Etsy!

if i could find these or learn to make them, except in silver, i would be one happy camper. i LOVE these…they give me joy.

pinterest is a place where you can find inspiring home decor ideas…things that actually seem possible. (courtesy of “Wolf in the Forest“)

now, i fully believe i could make this happen….if only i could learn how.

you can also find awesome home improvement ideas, or just things that make sense around the house. i LOVE this idea from “Turnstyle Vogue“.

these are lemon pieces in vinegar, frozen in ice cube trays, that you can throw in your garbage disposal to clean and make your house smell delightful. i already throw lemons in mine, so it just makes sense.

pinterest is full of moving words…this next thing is from “Style Me Pretty“…and it’s a classic.

often times, you can find quotes executed wonderfully on pinterest, or quotes perhaps you knew once but had forgotten.

you can find my pinterest page on the title bar of my blog. check it out, and if you aren’t on pinterest, you should really invest some of your time in this…especially if you are crafty and like to create beautiful things while spending less money.

halloween preparations…

ok, so i haven’t fully decided yet, but i am seriously considering this “costume” for halloween. having been an art major in college, i studied the pieces of Roy Lichtenstein, which is what this is based on. i also love color. unfortunately, i don’t usually dress up for halloween, although i decorate like crazy. i just struggle spending the money on costumes. this idea seems right up my alley, so what do you think?….


so, a simple DIY for your home or office (i personally used it for both!) what you will need…

black construction paper
white colored pencil (or any light color)
painters tape
joy joy and more holiday halloween joy

if i knew how to post online templates for you to cut out, i would do that. however, i am leaning on your ability to copy something you see and the confidence to remember that it does not have to look like mine! i am no bat expert, just playing around and having fun. basically, all you do is draw out several different bat shapes onto your black construction paper, cut out your shapes, and use painters tape to tape them up on the wall. it won’t damage your paint, and it looks very festive! Here are a few close ups of my bat shapes:

Happy October!

inspiration ahoy!

today i am fully artistically minded….it has been a bit since i played around on Pinterest, but with all this new website/etsy business running around in my head, i have spent a bit of time browsing creativity. with all that said, i just wanted to make a post to give homage to those that inspire me and move my hands to try…

first off, i must discuss Lindsey Johnson Photography. I have to say, this woman is not only a true artistic talent with an eye for romance, heart, and genuine beauty in people and things, but she is also my encouraging, fan-minded, keeping-me-true-to-myself sister. since we came to know the Lord back in 1996, she has become my best friend. (before that she probably wanted to kill me off, but know she knows love. haha…) Lindsey has inspired me because she chased after her passion. she used to work in marketing at a very prestigious cancer research company in Nashville, but she gave that up to pursue what means real success to her…photography. she has had a passion for it for many many years, and now it has become a reality. her fearlessness has pushed me to stop sitting around on my creative butt and do something with my mind.

There are a couple blogs that i follow…not many, but some of fully worth the read. one of them happens to be another major inspiration. Ashley Ann Photography, creator of “Under the Sycamore” is a woman of grace, faith, love, art, and family. just read her blog and you will fall in love with her creative spirit and love of life. this woman has basically made a career for herself simply by blogging about her life and her art. she spends a lot of time crafting for her children, and she loves it. i am so drawn in by her photography and love of family.

Blair of “A Case of the Mundays” is actually a personal friend of mine. the friendship came about because she married one of my oldest friends from grade school, Wade. i am so blessed to have stumbled into this friendship, because i feel like i am a parasite feeding off of her motivation, spirit of giving and creativity. Her blog has several weekly themes, like awesome DIY projects, ways to dress like anthropologie-type people for a price that most of us can afford, eating gluten free, and just general inspiring topics. her and her husband just went to Ethiopia to do mission work! now that she is home i have demanded a craft night asap!

Of course, in the world of photography, i was first woo-ed by the talented and beautiful Alissa of Alissa Saylor Photography. why, you may ask? well, because she does amazing photos that tell a wonderful story, is a humble woman of God, and rocked it out with my engagement and wedding photos! her and my sister happen to be great friends who spur one another on, not only in their work lives, but in their personal goals, their relationship with God, and their lives as wives. another beautiful soul to move yours…

the last one….atleast for now….that i want to mention is something i recently came to love on the internet. while my friend and i were discussing art and illustrations, she showed me this website with some of my new favorite art! when i look at these pictures, all i want to do is create! be sure to check out Hoonyoon.

i hope you are inspired by these artistic people chasing their dreams. we are in that world, as well.