a christmas poem….

i never really “write”. i mean, i ramble and blabber on, but i am no poet or children’s book author. BUT….today i wrote a little poem for my office to let everyone know about a potluck coming up. it is a spin-off of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. i took a couple words and maybe one direct line from the poem, but most of it is original thought. i’m actually pretty proud of it, so i am going to share it here. a quick note about some “inside” jokes….our office hangs a HUGE wreath every year that half the office loves and half of them despise. i hear all day, “i love that wreath” and “i hate that wreath”. so, that’s that part. also, clearly, you will see that i work at a law firm. Ginger is our office manager—i like to tell her she’s the momma of our workplace. ok….enjoy!

A poem.

Twas the month of December, and all through the office
All the creatures were stirring, including the ………uh……(dangit, I just started this and I already can’t get it right)……


It wasn’t a stocking that was hung but a giant wreath instead.
In hopes to delight half the office, and make the other half wish it were dead.

The attorneys were nestled all snug in their chairs,
While visions of settlement checks showed up in their prayers.
And Ginger recovering from Corporate Counsel, and I wrapped in decorations,
Had just given up on not drinking libations.

When somewhere in the kitchen arose such a clatter,
Tony sprang from his office to see if it mattered.
Away to the oven he flew like a flash,
Threw open the door hoping for bangers and mash.

The glaze on the foil of the baking ham below,
Made everyone’s mouths water, but Ginger said NO.
And to all the anxious eaters’ wondering eyes did appear,
Were mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie….. and ice cold beer?…..(ok, ok….holiday cheer…fine)

With a bunch of talented chef’s the meal came together so quick,
Everyone finally figured out that this wasn’t a trick.
More rapid than eagles the courses they came,
And we whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

Now turkey! now baked ham! now green bean casserole and cranberry sauce!
On sweet tea! on deviled eggs! on stuffing and gravy, leaving nothing to toss!
To the end of the line! pass the veggies and beasts!
Let’s make like the Who’s in Whoville and enjoy this great feast!

Dr. Seuss, you're art rocks.
Dr. Seuss, you’re art rocks.

Merry Christmas!


happy 2014!

confettii pray your hearts are full of family, friends, and love this season, and that you learn more and more everyday how to see the beauty in your years and the blessings of your lives.


-the rooftop birds


christmas tree

i’m so happy it is december. so happy it is cold. so happy for changing seasons, family, hot chocolate, baked goods, red and white and green everywhere! it is magical. this year, my husband and i talked about how christmas is as magical as you want to make it. if you were raised in a home where it wasn’t heavily celebrated, YOU can celebrate it! do what you love. here’s a little taste of my holiday cheer….

christmas kitchen

christmas table

i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!
i pinned this on pinterest last year, and finally got around to making my own!

little loves


it’s october 1st!

family time

i love this season. i love it, i love it, i love it! it is during this time of the year that i get so giddy i can hardly deal with the energy inside my chest! i love october. i love halloween. but really, i just love autumn. i feel so full of life during these next couple months. everything feels exciting. the colors are beautiful, and the time with family is always so necessary.

i just decorated my desk at work for halloween. i plan on buying a mum and putting it in here, as well. tonight, i am going to decorate my house, which means buying pumpkins and mums, making cider, and maybe even baking some cookies. i wish it were a little cooler outside so i could make chili. where we live, we don’t really have a backyard, so i will be recruiting someone to donate their home and their time for roasting of marshmallows. i can’t wait for sweatshirts, boots, and hats.

it really is an amazing time of the year. and God is so good to my family. this month my husband and i celebrate 4 years of “dating”….next month i celebrate my niece’s birthday. she was a miracle baby, and i cannot believe she is about to be 4! my parents will celebrate 38 years of marriage! WOW!

let’s just say that this season i will choose to be nothing but thankful. i will work hard not to complain. i will let praise come from my lips, and i will take time to LIVE…to really slow down and enjoy moments of life with people i love, as i know these moments are fleeting.

photo courtesy of Lindsey Johnson Photography
photo courtesy of Lindsey Johnson Photography

it’s easy to get off track with posting. but something about this season just makes me want to create, bake, and share my joy for fall. it makes me so happy to see and feel it approaching. this season will be especially busy and joyful.

my second shooting business got much busier. i have a total of 7 weddings over the next 3 months! a year ago, i wouldn’t have thought that this amazing opportunity would have fallen in my lap. i also have family vacation to Disney coming up! i haven’t been to Disney in forever! and i can’t wait. my husband has never even been to Florida. so, this will be an experience for him, as well. and we are going with my niece, who is almost 4, and i keep swearing she will have a mini-heart attack as soon as she walks in the front entrance. she’s in love with her “princesses”, so i imagine this will be quite the adventure.

i prefer this photo of them.
i prefer this photo of them.

i am also getting super excited to go see Sigur Ros. if you have never heard of them, and you like ambient type music that is absolutely beautiful, you will love them. i am also taking hubbs to see Peter Pan!
sigur ros

basically, in a nutshell, i am thankful for my life, thankful for my job, and thankful for Dave Ramsey for helping my husband and i get our finances straight so that we can actually enjoy the money we are making.

welcome fall and all your feelings, smells, treats, and experiences.

…too long

where has the time gone??? last time i posted was february, i think, then all of a sudden it is the end of MAY! whaaaaa? well, i have had some awesome life things happening, so i guess i just took a break to live life. here is not only your update, but also some delightful things you might enjoy. 🙂

we have celebrated many occasions since i last posted. in fact, right before my last post we celebrated Adam’s birthday! he is the ripe ‘ol age of 29 (last year of his 20’s!). normally i would do a cake, but The Donut Den in Nashville makes giant birthday donuts! oh. my. gosh. yes please! we absolutely loved it. it was deeeelicious!
birthday donut

but let’s not forget MY birthday! adam was so sweet. i was sick that day, which was no fun at all. it was the third day in a row of me feeling rotten. but we made the day special anyway. i had a meeting in the morning, then they took me out to brunch at Marche’ in East Nashville. good grief, i had french toast and it was perfect to ease my sick self. then we went to coffee at Bongo Java East. i went home to lay down for a bit, but i refused to let the day be spoiled. i did an all natural remedy for my sinus infection, and took down some of my concoction (Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar-2tbsp., local honey or grade B maple syrup-2tbsp., and warm water-6oz.) it helped perk me back up.
i ended up going to Chago’s for margaritas with my friend Nikki. glad i didn’t cancel because it ended up being a surprise thing with some other friends! it was so nice to hang out and drink several margaritas. not sure which helped me get back to my healthy state, the apple cider vinegar mixture, or the tequila.

then my sister picked me up and took me shopping. she bought me my now favorite pair of shoes! Minnetonka Moccasins!
birthday shoes
lastly, i came home to my husband and best friend for cake and rest. adam made me a card, a cake, and bought me some vodka. what a man…..
my birthday

it was an amazing day! and i woke up saturday feeling 100 times better!

of course, there is more…but that’s all for today!

heart garland

i find that it makes me very happy to keep my desk decorated at work. i just started this job at the beginning of October, so i haven’t had to think too hard on how to make my desk look festive. as the “holiday season” has ended and we move into a long chunk of non-holiday time, i have to try to find “classy” ways to bring some color and joy into my little world.

so, it is february, and i decided to make a hanging heart garland. nothing too fancy, just small and simple. i love it! now i need to make one for our home! adam is always such a good sport for any decorating i want to do. i am blessed to have that support. here is a shot of my garland taken with my cell phone….it’s not a very good picture, but you get the idea!

heart garland

there really is no need for any type of tutorial. it was simple. i just drew out odd shaped hearts on white and red construction paper, cut them out, and taped them to some string. i didn’t like being able to see the tape, so i drew out some more and stuck them to the back side of the hearts. that’s it! easy. i love hanging decorations. and when it is just paper, you only need to use tape!

….but what will i do for march?