it’s october 1st!

family time

i love this season. i love it, i love it, i love it! it is during this time of the year that i get so giddy i can hardly deal with the energy inside my chest! i love october. i love halloween. but really, i just love autumn. i feel so full of life during these next couple months. everything feels exciting. the colors are beautiful, and the time with family is always so necessary.

i just decorated my desk at work for halloween. i plan on buying a mum and putting it in here, as well. tonight, i am going to decorate my house, which means buying pumpkins and mums, making cider, and maybe even baking some cookies. i wish it were a little cooler outside so i could make chili. where we live, we don’t really have a backyard, so i will be recruiting someone to donate their home and their time for roasting of marshmallows. i can’t wait for sweatshirts, boots, and hats.

it really is an amazing time of the year. and God is so good to my family. this month my husband and i celebrate 4 years of “dating”….next month i celebrate my niece’s birthday. she was a miracle baby, and i cannot believe she is about to be 4! my parents will celebrate 38 years of marriage! WOW!

let’s just say that this season i will choose to be nothing but thankful. i will work hard not to complain. i will let praise come from my lips, and i will take time to LIVE…to really slow down and enjoy moments of life with people i love, as i know these moments are fleeting.


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