friday friday! happy weekend everyone! it has always been such a strange concept…a weekend. i have not had a true weekend since…well, maybe ever. i started competitive swimming at the age of 6, and from then on out, weekends were filled with swim practice and swim meets. once i became a teenager, not only were the weekends filled with the previously mentioned, but also a job. once i got to college, that one job turned into two. no “weekend” still. now, with a more realistic adult job, i still occupy my weekends with a side job at a coffee shop. the most exciting addition to my weekend? being a second shooter for my sister‘s photography business! i am so stinkin’ excited! adam and i even broke down and bought me a very nice, VERY professional camera like my sister uses. tomorrow morning is my first officially hired wedding!
my camera
it is a cannon EOS 5D Mark II. and. i. love. it! Lindsey is teaching me how to shoot in manual. it is no easy task, but i think after a good amount of practice, i will eventually get the hang of it, and it will become second nature to me. so far so good. i did a wedding with her last year, but at the time it wasn’t a paid job. she thought i did such a good job, she ended up paying me for my time.
helper wedding
this one time assistant hobby has turned into a full blown second…ahem…i mean third job, being hired for a total of 9 weddings from now until december!

i am so blessed to be in a family of creativity, and to be able to express that creativity not only through here and my etsy page, but with Lindsey Johnson Photography. i even got hired to second shoot with the girl who did MY wedding photography, Alissa Saylor!
my wedding

this is going to be quite the adventure!

wish me luck! and happy friday!


2 thoughts on “aaahhhhh….weekend?

  1. ROCK IT OUT SISTA! These pics look awesome already!

    I’m looking forward to this book from one of my favorite authors Josh Kaufman. It’s called “The First 20 Hours: How To Learn Anything”. Here’s a TEDtalk he did about it. Good stuff!


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