summer food.

happy tuesday! i hope everyone had an amazing long weekend. it is so good to have an extra day off. i have been watching those calories…except for yesterday (oops!). so, today is a new day. AND today will be my second delivery for our CSA! last year i wanted to do a CSA, but adam and i could not find anyone to pair up with us. we were afraid that the full share would be too much for us, but we were afraid the half wouldn’t quite cut it! this year, we paired up with a couple of my friends and co-workers to split a full share. this means we get a full box every week loaded up with fresh veggies and fruit.

our CSA

last week was so exciting, and we enjoyed tons of delicious new recipes. i have actually never had swiss chard…well, that i know of. it was in our box, and i sauteed it with onions and butter, then cooked (per my mom’s suggestion) some spring onions with butter, salt, and pepper wrapped in foil on the grill. delicious! and the craziest thing about it is i used to HATE onions. and i mean hate. i wouldn’t go near them, now i love them. still have some particulars, like they have to be cooked, but i feel this is a huge step.

dinner CSA

if you are interested in learning more about CSA’s, check out this wikipedia article. and if you live in the nashville area, get out to some farmer’s markets! let’s support our local farmers and our own health by eating local, organic, non-GMO food! lasts longer in your fridge and tastes amazing. we use Delvin Farms, in case you were wondering.


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