the birds need inspiration…

this is the title of one of my pinterest pages. i love stumbling upon new and cute ideas! and today is my lucky day. i came across an idea posted by “Oh So Very Pretty” that i think would be awesome for my own home, and maybe even a good idea for wedding favors! i think it is so stinkin’ cute!

photo courtesy of "Oh So Very Pretty" blog.
photo courtesy of “Oh So Very Pretty” blog.

it looks so simple. i will have to try it out this weekend. …..speaking of wedding favors, adam and i just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! i am so very blessed to have married someone so perfectly suited for me. don’t misunderstand me, i mean, we argue, as couples do, but he works so hard on our relationship, and is relentless in his efforts to understand me. i am so happy to get the opportunity to celebrate 2 years together!

we are tackling debt like maniacs right now, so this year we kept it very simple. we each had $50 to spend, and the only rule was that you cannot buy presents. my part of the date was in the early afternoon, his was in the evening. i will share with you my fun little surprise!

so, i planned 3 adventures for him. each adventure came with a tiny card where i explained why the outing was symbolic and how the activities made me happy to be together.

adventure 1
the first adventure was to one of our favorite coffee shops in nashville, Barista Parlor. this place is so cute inside, the acoustics are great, and the eats and drinks are yum! they can set you back a pretty penny, but that is why you go on special days. 😉 coffee was our first mutual love. it is something we love to go do together, regardless of how much conversation we have in us. we just feel natural and comfortable sitting down to enjoy a drink and a no bake cookie.

adventure 2
the second adventure was probably his favorite. i have mentioned before, but as a reminder, adam is a self-taught lacrosse player. he just up and decided 2 years ago that at the age of 27 he wanted to learn how to play. he started in a defensive role, and over the past year he has been working his toosh off learning the skills of a goalie. he amazes me with his drive to learn new things. so, i took him to the batting cages. before he left i told him to grab his gear and to dress casually. i think he assumed we would go play at a park or something, but he was like a little boy in a candy store when i pulled up to our destination. i let him “catch” rather than hit some fast-pitch baseballs. i think he was very pleased. he keeps me “young” (i know i am still young, but one day i won’t be). i love his active nature, that he loves to go and do things outside all the time. it is a big part of what i love about him.

adventure 3
the last adventure was to Baskin Robbins for ice cream! i believe we love people for their strengths AND their weaknesses…and i love that he has a weakness for sweets! i have a terrible weakness for them, but when you put those weaknesses side by side, we tend to have a nice little time enjoying ice cream, or some cookies, or donuts on a sunday morning. i think it draws us together. so, i am ok with that weakness. 🙂

the whole day was a hit. for adam’s portion of the date i got dressed up and he took me to a wine bar and for mexican food…our favorite!

for those of you that are married, i challenge you, when days seem dark and you feel far away from each other, like you aren’t communicating anymore, remember 10 things that you love about him/her. make yourself say them out loud, or write them down. we all have flaws. forgive each other and continue to move forward. for those who are not married yet, find someone that can problem solve with you, someone who respects your opinions. i know different things are important to all of us, and for me, knowing that i can tell him if something is upsetting me, or if i have a strong opinion about something, that he will respect my feelings, listen to me, and try to compromise is a behavior that i cherish.

happy friday and happy memorial day weekend!


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