…too long

where has the time gone??? last time i posted was february, i think, then all of a sudden it is the end of MAY! whaaaaa? well, i have had some awesome life things happening, so i guess i just took a break to live life. here is not only your update, but also some delightful things you might enjoy. 🙂

we have celebrated many occasions since i last posted. in fact, right before my last post we celebrated Adam’s birthday! he is the ripe ‘ol age of 29 (last year of his 20’s!). normally i would do a cake, but The Donut Den in Nashville makes giant birthday donuts! oh. my. gosh. yes please! we absolutely loved it. it was deeeelicious!
birthday donut

but let’s not forget MY birthday! adam was so sweet. i was sick that day, which was no fun at all. it was the third day in a row of me feeling rotten. but we made the day special anyway. i had a meeting in the morning, then they took me out to brunch at Marche’ in East Nashville. good grief, i had french toast and it was perfect to ease my sick self. then we went to coffee at Bongo Java East. i went home to lay down for a bit, but i refused to let the day be spoiled. i did an all natural remedy for my sinus infection, and took down some of my concoction (Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar-2tbsp., local honey or grade B maple syrup-2tbsp., and warm water-6oz.) it helped perk me back up.
i ended up going to Chago’s for margaritas with my friend Nikki. glad i didn’t cancel because it ended up being a surprise thing with some other friends! it was so nice to hang out and drink several margaritas. not sure which helped me get back to my healthy state, the apple cider vinegar mixture, or the tequila.

then my sister picked me up and took me shopping. she bought me my now favorite pair of shoes! Minnetonka Moccasins!
birthday shoes
lastly, i came home to my husband and best friend for cake and rest. adam made me a card, a cake, and bought me some vodka. what a man…..
my birthday

it was an amazing day! and i woke up saturday feeling 100 times better!

of course, there is more…but that’s all for today!


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