i’ve been busy reading…

it has been forever since i last posted. every monday comes and then every friday goes, and i think, ugh…what am i so busy doing that i cannot take the time? well, i have been busy reading….

…”reading what?”…you may ask. well, i have just been enjoying the blogging world. looking at photos, reading about homemade laundry detergent, discovering AMAZING new recipes through pinterest, and just living it all out.

in the past month or so, i have made some very delicious recipes for my hubbs. my most recent favorite is a balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with bacon and walnut brussels sprouts! seriously amazing…seriously delicious.

photo courtesy of C & C Marriage Factory blog!
photo courtesy of C&C Marriage Factory blog!

i have also spent a lot of time browsing a new blog i keep up with called “The Mommypotamus“. i may not have children (yet), but this blog is full of holistic, natural recipes, homemade cleaners, and advice. i can’t get enough of it. this week, the allergy/cold/sinus bug is trying its best to get me down, but i am going to try some of her remedies to see if it helps…which brings me to what i want to share, specifically, today. her post about natural cold remedies. is spring trying to pull you down too? well, check this out!

p.s….i plan to get back in the swing of posting soon. thank you to everyone who follows me. it is flattering beyond words!

happy tuesday!


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