heart garland

i find that it makes me very happy to keep my desk decorated at work. i just started this job at the beginning of October, so i haven’t had to think too hard on how to make my desk look festive. as the “holiday season” has ended and we move into a long chunk of non-holiday time, i have to try to find “classy” ways to bring some color and joy into my little world.

so, it is february, and i decided to make a hanging heart garland. nothing too fancy, just small and simple. i love it! now i need to make one for our home! adam is always such a good sport for any decorating i want to do. i am blessed to have that support. here is a shot of my garland taken with my cell phone….it’s not a very good picture, but you get the idea!

heart garland

there really is no need for any type of tutorial. it was simple. i just drew out odd shaped hearts on white and red construction paper, cut them out, and taped them to some string. i didn’t like being able to see the tape, so i drew out some more and stuck them to the back side of the hearts. that’s it! easy. i love hanging decorations. and when it is just paper, you only need to use tape!

….but what will i do for march?


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