a color of cake…


every 5-year olds delight! i recently celebrated my best friend’s daughter’s birthday. it was, in 5-year-old fashion, at a giant jumping house play place. and dear ‘ol mom made an incredibly delightful cake. it was rainbow….

i hear the way you do this is to cook all the color-dyed batters in different pans, then put it all together. i’m not sure how that works. i also read that you can dye the batter, then pour it in sections on top of each other in one single pan. i haven’t tried it, but it turned out beautiful, and the birthday girl was nothing less than thrilled. i’m glad these children are…well…children, because they get so excited i could swear their little hearts will explode in their chests! another awesome looking cake is this one….

Polka Dot 22 w blog link-001

you can find the blog about this cake at Once Upon a Pedestal. something you may not know about me is that i am completely in love with dots. so, this cake would be right in my wheelhouse. (i love that phrase) so, there is a little celebratory guidance for you.

on a random note, i have a few blogs coming up that i am excited about. i don’t know what has struck me, but a desire to be more natural is hanging around my brain. i learned how to make my own deodorant, and i think i will be giving that a try this weekend. i have heard good and bad about it, and solutions to the issues. i will let you know how that goes.

i am also doing a few small home-renovation type things. very, very…..very small. we rent, so obviously there is only so much we can do.

i will say, since i left facebook, i have been spending much more time finding myself. i do not believe everyone needs to make this move, but for me, it has been grand. if you follow my blog, you will remember the post i did about social media, and how i feel a tad robbed of my identity since i got taken by it, so i decided to put down one that i spend the most time on, which was facebook. it has been almost a month, and i do not miss it at all. in fact, i have heard from friends that i normally do not hear from since i left. and i have been submerging my mind into new things…for me. (i won’t go on about this right now because i feel like i am having a hard time explaining my thoughts properly). i did keep my facebook blog page (the rooftop birds, of course!), so you can still find me there if you were looking. 😉

well, happy wednesday. it may be dreary and crisp outside, but i am feeling warm and happy in here.


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