it’s 2013! weeee! what does it all mean? well, it means i need to get to business on creating new projects, eating new foods, living a grateful life, and sharing it all with you! i took a pretty big break over the holidays from blogging and social media. it has been refreshing,….relaxing. but pinterest and i are involved in a pretty time-consuming relationship these days, so i have many projects to get done. one of them involves palettes!

there are many schools of thought when it comes to palette use. of course, right now, it is “all the rage”, but come to find out, it is for good cause! palettes create a pretty good chunk of waste in landfills once businesses are done using them. DIY to the rescue! so, not only do they produce some pretty amazing pieces for your home, but you are also helping businesses AND the environment in the meantime.

some will say you should not use them in your homes because of risks. i would heed the warnings, or atleast educate yourselves more on that. i plan to. but i am not going to build any indoor furniture that i will eat on or sleep on, so i am not as worried. i found a couple ideas that i would like to do, that is, if i can track down some palettes.

palette shelf

i found plenty of ideas on this one, in particular, i love. i have an empty wall behind my bathroom door that is just begging for this piece to have hanging on it.

another goal of 2013 is to not overwhelm myself with too many ideas. i am going to pick realistic projects to complete and give myself the chance to complete them. i think i can make this one happen fairly easily. the only other project i have in mind right now is to add hooks to the shelf above my kitchen sink so i can hang coffee mugs from it! it will actually be trickier than you think, because i cannot remove the shelf. so, upside down i go.

i would challenge you to find something creative to do that inspires you and makes you feel alive. it could be reading a book, writing, singing, painting, sewing, dancing, etc…anything. it sounds cheesy, but i am no longer concerned with “cheesy”. i don’t care anymore. i just want to live, and appreciate every day that God gives me to be who i am.

if you are interested in checking out my pinterest projects and all the excellent things i find, you can click here!

happy monday!


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