puddle cookies…

i subscribe to a blog called “stone soup“. i love it. i have created a stack of recipes i want to try from this blog that sound so good, and she has great gift ideas, and so much more! seriously, it’s a gold mine.

now, normally i try to make friday a “quote” day, but i have been semi-absent on posting this week with coming back from holidays, joining the swim team, and decorating for christmas business going on, PLUS i found these today and i just really REALLY want to try them soon. especially coming off of my clean week, i think a cookie that is ‘middle-ground’ unhealthy is a good choice (although my sister and i were laughing today at the idea of a “healthy” cookie…because really, that is just what we say to make ourselves feel better).

jules originally credits another blog, 101 cookbooks, for this recipe.
They’re light and crispy on the outside and gooey chocolatey goodness on the inside with nuts for crunch, and they are bound with just egg whites.

“With only 5 ingredients and a straight forward method that requires nothing more than a bowl and a spoon for stirring – we’re talking simple as well….plus they’re gluten and dairy free!”–stone soup.

puddle cookies

[5 ingredients | simple baking]
puddle cookies
makes about 9 giant cookies

Inspired by Heidi from 101 cookbooks.

you can make these cookies whatever size you like; bite sized or giant sized!

Stone Soup recommends something i can certainly get on board with…IF you happen to prefer your cookies sans nuts (or are making them for someone with a nut allergy?) you could sub in some chocolate chips to make a cookie i might fall over dead for….double chocolate chip puddle cookies! oh chocolate, i enjoy our love affair.

155g (5oz or 1 1/2C) roasted & chopped nuts – hazelnuts or walnuts are a good cookie nut, in my opinion.
225g (9oz or 2C) icing (powdered or confectioners) sugar
30g (1oz or 1/3C) cocoa powder
1t vanilla extract
2 egg whites

Preheat oven to 160C (320F).

Combine all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl until well combined.

Spoon into 2 tablespoon piles on 2 baking trays lined with baking paper. Leave heaps of space between – they’re really going to spread.

Bake for 12 – 15 minutes or until they have puffed up and cracked on top. Cool on the tray.

i think i shall try these sooner than later, maybe i will make them for my husband as a congratulations-you-ate-so-well-this-week-now-eat-a-cookie cookie.

well, i will go on ahead and leave you with this thought, to keep with tradition…


happy weekend! go live it however life presents it to you! find joy in the smallest things.



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