an end. a beginning.

welcome to the holidays…officially. everyone decorates the weekend after thanksgiving. am i wrong for wanting to wait until the first weekend in december? well, then i’m wrong. i just need a little build up. i want to finish out my 30 days of thanks at my desk, although i fell completely apart on the facebook endeavor. i will have to make up for it.

i DID, however, go buy my decorations for my desk at work, but i won’t put them up yet. target, oh target. you will be the death of my bank account. i heart so much about your decor.

i got this one in white to go beside my berry tree!

we’re going with a classy christmas this year. atleast at work. at home, i enjoy a little tacky. i have decorations that i have used for years, and that my mother before that used for years. i love doing that. it makes me feel like home.

in the mean time, don’t mind me, i’ll just be preparing for christmas, dreaming of a home that looks like this for the season…

i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving full of the ones you love.


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