a chalkboard home.

i love chalkboard walls. i love the idea of it. i am a little held back because i think of cleaning up the dust, but overall, i plan to make this happen in my world sooner than later. we rent right now, but i think my landlady would be ok with us doing this. so, i picked a few inspirations that i have stumbled upon online.

you can even mix it with other colors now. i recently read a blog by Under the Sycamore about where to find that and how to “prime” your wall to prepare it for the chalk. uber helpful and worth a read. plus, her photos are always amazing! check it out.

happy monday-almost-turkey-lovers-day.


3 thoughts on “a chalkboard home.

  1. I love this!! I am a huge chalkboard fan too. I have a large chalkboard on the wall behind my sink and counter. And when my children were younger they had chalkboard walls : )


      1. Unfortunately, it was constant cleaning. But my children were young then, and the walls were in their bedrooms. Their rooms have been redone since then. The only large chalkboard I have now is behind the sink. No problem since I am the only one really using it now.

        There is dustless chalk, and I am uncertain how that really works or not. Sorry I couldn’t help more.


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