shameless self promotion…

not really, but i figured it was about time i shared a taste of what kind of art i actually create. i have gone through many phases, and will continue to do so, i’m sure. right now my focus is on guestbook paintings, so the suject matter has changed a bit, but i am still using the same style.

if you look closely, although the painting appears flat, it is not completely. i have a method that allows me to create a slight raised layer in between colors. it helps catch highlights and create shadows that would not have been there before.

these pieces are from my senior exhibit in college. the main thing that has changed since then is i am trying to move into calmer colors. i think a lot of that desire comes from doing pieces geared a bit more towards weddings. i like that colors are muted and soft, so i will be doing some more pieces like that.

the piece that started all this craze was one that is abstract and very different. art school is all about stretching yourself and discovering new techniques…

this piece represented an exceptionally experimental time in painting for me. i don’t tend to do pieces quite this abstract, but it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces, still hanging on my wall at home.

a technique that i would love to spend more time with is encaustic painting. i made this piece during a summer semester learning encaustic paintings. i gave it to my dad for a present. it, also, is one of my favorite pieces i ever did.


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