holiday projects…

this past weekend i enjoyed probably the last weekend of beautiful early fall temperatures. it was so nice. we went to my parents’ house in the mountains, marveled at the perfect tennessee fall colors, and enjoyed the windows being open all day. today in middle tennessee, it is rainy and a bit brisk. still lovely, but a tad gloomier. all of this change just gets me more excited for thanksgiving, christmas, and cold weather!

i sent out an invite to a few ladies to get together and do a “holiday craft night” for some things on our pinterest boards. i am so stinkin’ excited to get a head start this year on decorations…well, really to actually make them so that i can enjoy them in my home rather than just on my computer screen. here are some of the ones i have chosen to make…and once i make them, i will share with you how i did!….

courtesy of
for my front door?
courtesy of

these are just 2 different wreath ideas that i want to give a try. i think the burlap one would be perfect for my office at work, and the letter wreath would look amazing on my door. i might change the color, since my door is red! oh…and for those of you that struggle with being able to hang wreaths, i saw the MOST amazing idea to solve your (and my) problem!

thank you pinterest! … upside down command hook. How to hang a Wreath on a cabinet or outside storm door…i have been wanting to do this for so long but couldn’t.

happy crafting!


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