30 days of thanks…well, 22…

if you have been on facebook, pinterest, twitter, or pretty much any other social media network, you have heard of the 30 days of thanks. it’s nothing over the top, just a tool to help us remember to be thankful for our lives and all the tiny details contained within. you can choose to be thankful for something big, or small….someone in your life, or something that happened that day…there are no rules except to be thankful.

today i was thankful for orange leaves…and i really mean that.

today i sent out an email to my office that i would be setting up my desk with a jar for “22 days of thanks”…since we are a smidge behind. and i found an awesome display from “A Diamond in the Stuff” in her mantels post. i won’t be able to recreate it fully, but i intend on recreating some of it for my desk.

courtesy of “A Diamond in the Stuff” blog

if you haven’t started, it is never too late to find something to be thankful for. you could create a “30 days of thankfulness in photos”, or “30 days of thankfulness about my spouse”…maybe choose something you struggle with…”30 days of thankfulness about my job”…or choose something easy…”30 days of thankfulness about my child/children”. i encourage you to do it, though. it changes your whole disposition. and during a time where night comes upon us quicker, and the skies are not so bright, it can make those blah feelings take a turn for the better.

good luck…and happy thanking.


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