princesses and pirates…

this past weekend my sister, Lindsey of Lindsey Johnson Photography, hosted a party for my niece in celebration of her turning 3! the party only had 2 boys, so it became mostly a “princess” party. i wanted to dress up as a pirate, but i knew that my niece wouldn’t have it. i could hear her in my head demanding that i take off the pirate costume and dress as she expected me too. 🙂

there are 2 things i want to share with you from this party. the first is a genius solution to the cake pop problem in our world. let’s admit it…cake pops are delicious. if you haven’t had one, oh. my. gosh. you must go eat one. starbucks actually has several delicious flavors right now. i love the “birthday cake pop” and the “salted caramel cake pop” that they currently serve. there is another flavor coming out for the holidays, but i won’t tell you yet. anyway, i have never tried, and am open to be proven wrong, but i imagine actually making cake pops is no easy task. we had plenty of decorating to do, so we went an easier route. lindsey got the idea on Pinterest to take marshmallows, dip them halfway down in chocolate, and cover them with sprinkles! they are perfect for kids….(big kids too, as my husband can confirm).

when you create the chocolate, i recommend using almond bark and hersheys chocolate chips. i prefer dark chocolate for the kid in me, but i would imagine milk chocolate would go over better with kids. if you have a double boiler, you can melt the bark and chips in that, but if not, you can use a microwave safe container and just melt all of it in the microwave. if you do it that way, soften the bark first, as it will take longer to soften than the chips. then, you just put a large marshmallow on any type of stick (plastic or wood), dip it half way in the chocolate, then sprinkle on any topping you like! we chose colorful sprinkles, but if you are making this treat for yourself, you can get very creative. let them dry and set before moving them to a smaller container. if they bump up against each other before they have set, they will smear. we placed ours in a large bowl with split peas and lentils.

now, this tip is for any locals i might have on here. there is a knock-your-socks-off-oh-my-gosh-i-can’t-believe-you-made-that cake maker located in the Hendersonville/Gallatin area in middle tennessee. her name is Patty Scott Bartlett, and i can’t say enough about her! i have mentioned her before because she made our beautiful wedding cake! let’s take a quick look at the crazy awesome cakes she has made for us over the last 3 years…

this was our wedding cake
adeline’s first birthday in honor of “Olivia”
adeline’s second birthday cake “carnival theme”

and finally….my favorite artistic creation of all from patty, adeline’s 3rd birthday cake, which blows my mind!

needless to say, if you are having a party for any occasion, and want not only a delicious but beautifully unique cake, call on patty. she is your woman.

the party was a hit! the kids had a blast, and everyone went home fully sugared up.


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