a surprise halloween date!

ok…so i need to credit several places with this Halloween date idea. i have been wanting to plan something creative and fun for adam, and i finally got my inspiration. we all know by now how much i love halloween, so i themed this date with pumpkins. i got the idea of a theme date from “The Dating Divas” blog online. there are a ton of ideas on here for dating your spouse, so i thought i would make my own. and, of course, Martha came along, as always.

i started the date out with creating an invitation. i was going to put this in adam’s car on my way home from work, but he ended up getting off work earlier and i wouldn’t let him come home. 😉

i strung it to the front door so it was the first thing he saw when he walked up!

the second idea was really just to get him laughing. i bought a dog costume and put it on my giant cat…and yes, i know she is huge, but we love her that way!

a bat-cat!
…waiting on her daddy to get home, and praying he will save her from this terror.

to buy myself some decorating time, i had adam go pick up sushi that i had ordered at our favorite sushi restaurant in nashville of all time, Samurai! my whole plan with dinner was to do “dinner and a movie”, so i prepared an area for the sushi and “the feature presentation”…

we watched one of my all time favorite holiday movies, “the nightmare before christmas” and enjoyed a sushi dinner.

next up was picking out something sweet to eat! i got the ingredients for 3 separate desserts, and i let him choose. all had a pumpkin theme!

the first option i blogged about recently, Martha Stewart‘s Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Icing, and actually ended up making for my office. adam didn’t choose these, but i must say, they were completely unbelievable. i recommend making these, because they do not take long and are completely worth it.

the second option, Pumpkin Muffins (also courtesy of Martha), he skipped on as well. but i plan on trying these out next! i found these at Delish.com

the last treat he jumped on, Pumpkin-Swirl Brownies (again, found on Delish and courtesy of Martha)….but not until he informed me that he doesn’t like pumpkin!! ahhh! so we made these anyway, without the pumpkin. they tasted great, but were not as moist as i had hoped for. so, be sure to make these with pumpkin, or just go with a standard brownie recipe.

we prepared the sweets, which needed about 40 minutes to bake. so while we waited, we moved onto the next phase of the date! pumpkin theme revived!

i found some templates online for him to follow, or for him to mix and match the parts. he could have gotten really crazy here!

i put all the template pieces in bowls labeled on hand-stamped cards. this way he could mix and match any way he wanted!

the timing was perfect…just as he finished carving his pumpkin, the timer went off for the brownies…

we left nothing to waste! i got another Martha recipe (somebody was playing on marthastewart.com a wee bit too much that day!) for “Spiced Pumpkin Seeds“, so we put the seeds to good, tasty use.

this was the aftermath of the roasting process…

lastly, what would a night be with adam without a lot of laughing?



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