vive la france!

the other night i took part in a group called “french table”. my friend ben has taught himself to speak french over the last few years. he has been willing me to participate in this weekly meeting with him where everyone speaks french to one another. the group is joined, and moderated by a girl named Julie who happens to teach at a local foreign language institute and certainly knows what she is doing.

i finally caved and attended one of the meetings. i doubt myself often because it has been so long since i dealt with french. i studied all four years in high school, but stopped after that. i visited paris en route to study abroad in italy back in 2005 and was thrilled that i could still read a good amount of french. alas, when people spoke to me, i felt like they might as well be speaking chinese, because i couldn’t make out more than 20% of what they were saying.

i am proud to announce that i will be pursuing my old love, the french language, again. hopefully, within a few weeks, i might be able to ask questions at the group, rather than just listen and absorb the language once more.


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