DIY envelopes? what’s that you say!?

i stumbled upon a blog post that really moves my heart! i love paper…all things paper, and maybe i should not love it so much since it uses up trees, and the world seems to want to shy away from using up trees, but i just think it is so beautiful, delicate, and wonderful, although i believe in “going green”. i have shared with you in the past a store here in Nashville that i love called “the paper source”, but today, i will share with you a great opportunity for their pretty pretty paper! and it will be handmade! ….i am so excited!

i found this post on a blog called “Fellow Fellow“. from what i can already tell, i am going to LOVE this sight. there are plenty of DIY projects that i want to accomplish one day, but there are not that many that seem fully possible. i deem this one in the second category.

all you need is your choice of paper, glue, scissors, and a paint pen! your color choices are endless. Fellow Fellow created an envelope template that you can download right here in Letter and A4 formats, so you can print it straight onto your paper. The finished envelope is 8 x 12cm (approx. 3 x 4.7 inches).


Here are her steps…
"Step 1: Cut the paper using the template (or create your own size/shape and draw it onto the paper).

Step 2: I found it easier to fold and glue the envelope before drawing on it so the pattern was seamless, but you can do it either way. Fold along the dotted lines. Glue the centre-back seam, and then glue the bottom flap over the top. Put it under a book for a few minutes to keep it flat.

Step 3: Get drawing! Use your paint pen to draw whatever you like onto your envelopes (this could be a fun task if you have kids too, and would result in some really personal gift packaging!). And you’re done! Stuff it with whatever you like, seal the top and ta-daaaa! :)"


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