i had a really hard time getting into October this year! how could that be?!? i have been looking forward to it for so long! well, my fried Kate got married the first weekend in the month, so the first week was spent completing preparations for the wedding. my brain was in wedding decor mode, and i couldn’t slip out into oranges and browns. but now! oh now….my home is in full swing. all it took was stopping off on the side of the road to look at mums and pumpkins being sold by a family in a small town near Nashville. as soon as i got those on my porch, game on. i cannot wait to share with you! i even have a small DIY for you. it is very simple. and i will share with you tomorrow!

some other good news is i got a new job! it has kept me very distracted over the last few weeks, but God is very good. His timing is perfect. this is my first 9-5 type job, and i am open to any and all advice and experienced tips you have.

thanks for following my blog. i know i fell off the radar for awhile. life takes control in a non-virtual way and i struggle to keep up on this side of it. however, this week i have a new recipe to share, my DIY halloween crafts, and some beautiful photos to stir your heart.

happy sunday!


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