creative parties….for adults?

we are always looking for fun, creative parties for children, but what about feeding our creative side? some friends and i decided to change that. and we didn’t feel anything but bliss. we celebrated a belated birthday of my friend serai, and for her party, just some of us girls got together, ate a 5-layer dip, pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffin tops, drank some homemade cocktails, and broke out the dye in the backyard…

we started with Rit dye (liquid and powder forms)

read the directions for the Rit dye…depending on your material, you should use vinegar or salt in the dye to help it absorb better.

you want to use very hot water. luckily the tap water heats up just fine.

my friend Nikki pleased our palettes with an a-mazing 5-layer dip….
our friendly mosquitos came to visit, so we had to pull out the bug spray

we tried to hang the sheets, at first, but Serai was the only one who stuck with it….

we hung them all up to dry at the end of the night

what would the night be without a bonfire to finish it out?

this was my sheet….

the night was perfect. serai sews and decided to turn all the sheets into a quilt. i look forward to seeing how it turns out….and of course, i will share it with you!

the weather is changing and my heart is stirring. i know that tons of people love fall…..but not many more than me. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, and i am desperate for September to end so i can put up my Halloween decorations….it makes me feel anxious! this year, pinterest has inspired me so much more, and my fingers can’t wait to dig into the DIY of the season! get ready….


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