presto change-o

i have mentioned before that my friend Kate is getting married this coming October. i am really excited for her and her soon-to-be hubby! they are wonderful people, full of heart and creativity. originally their wedding was set for a different date, but october just seemed to fit the schedule better….unfortunately, they were on the ball with their invitations, leaving them with really cool invites with the wrong date! yikes! kate didn’t want to get rid of the invites, so she asked me if there was any way i could do a little “touch up” to them. this is what i came up with, and i must say, i am super proud and love how they turned out!

The original invitations

my job was to cover the date, time, and location section on the main piece, and the RSVP date on the postcard

I tried a few different things, but we wanted to tie in the burlap backing and the salmon color on the originals since we were keeping all these details. what ended up being the best decision was to buy some salmon colored sticker labels that perfectly matched the size of the area to be covered.

next i wanted to be sure to tie the burlap in to make the whole piece cohesive, so i hot-glued a thinner piece of burlap across. it ended up looking pretty cute!

after this, i moved on to the RSVP cards to mix up the atmosphere. this was time consuming, but oddly fun! i bought this awesome little tool called the Xyron 150 Create A Sticker that makes stickers out of paper! how cool! i made tiny labels that covered up the old RSVP date, cut them out, and created a border around them with a stamp called Gray Whale. it was the closest gray color to matching the gray around the invitations. then you just peel the back off the piece and it is a sticker. poof!

the best match for the salmon/pink color was “strawberry”. it dried to an almost perfect match. i bought a “create your own stamp” kit of numbers and letters, set them up, and stamped the new date on the tiny tags i made.

lastly, i had to replace the new wedding date/time/location information. instead of just printing a new sticker to cover the original area, i made tags to hang around the neck of the mason jar. this is one of my favorite additions. i will say that it was a struggle to match the font and color, but we got it covered! the font was Nashville. i found it on there are tons of fonts that would be fun to use on there. i will have to remember that for the future.

i printed pages of about 10 labels per page, drew tag borders on them, then cut them out.

after i cut them out, i repeated the technique i used for the RSVP tags, stamping the edges with gray whale.

i bought some burlap string and used that to tie the tags to the invites.

the final product felt cohesive and natural, like they were made that way all along, which is what i was going for.

this is how they looked after i was fully finished and they were ready to mail.

i learned several techniques by doing this, stretching my creative bone a little more.


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