more cow bell…

i don’t know why the title. it felt right since i will be discussing food! so, there are two different meals i want to share with you. i debated which one would fit this monday better, but i couldn’t decide. so i hope you enjoy a tutorial in the most delicious, healthy, and easy teriyaki that my husband adam makes. i love it! and i hope you love it too.

first, you start with some fresh ingredients. personally i like to use purple cabbage, carrots, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini. if i owned a wok, it would be great to use, but i just use a very deep pan and that suits us just fine.

basically you cook the veggies down as much as pleases your palette. adam and i love to add this one sauce from H.T. Traders called “Japanese Style Marinade”. we also like to add peanut butter! (put that in towards the end)

you can make this dish meatless, or not. adam and i are solid meat-eaters, so we prefer to add chicken, beef, and/or shrimp. for this specific cooking experience we added some tasty flat-iron steak from the farmers’ market.

there isn’t much to this meal, which makes it very easy to enjoy, even when you are in a hurry or a non-cooking mood. it is savory, but healthy. happy monday!


2 thoughts on “more cow bell…

    1. Great idea with the maple soy! A nice touch that we do is with green onion and a splash of bobourn! Give it a shot next time this marinade goes really well with pork too .thanks for the recipe everything looks great!


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