bridesmaid DIY box…

so, sorry i have been m.i.a. lately….i left my camera at a friends house and just got it back this week, and as we all can tell, i prefer to blog with photos. i had the perfect blogs in mind before i “misplaced” it, but could not move forward. aaaalsoooo…..guys and gals, it is still dumb hot outside, which means it is STILL dumb hot inside, and the office/studio has been to me like the creepy storage closet you wouldn’t dare step into as a child.

but not today! today, although it is super hot again, i am far too motivated to post…with my camera back safe and sound, i have photos to share!

this DIY project i wish i could claim as my own brilliance….but alas, i cannot. i must give credit to my good friend kate who is set to get married this fall. she has blessed me with the honor of an invitation to bridesmaid-dom, and i excitedly accept! for her and her fiance, aaron, this wedding is all about DIY and she has brought us in on the excitement. (if i weren’t so afraid of bridezillas, i think wedding decorating could be a very fun job….she is NOT a bridezilla)

this is a GREAT idea for anyone who is getting married to do with your lovely ladies…or even gents! basically, kate made us a beautiful box wrapped in fabric. the contents of the box were all important pieces for the wedding, celebratory pieces, and an invitation to inspiration. check it out for yourself…

kate included these cute cards with all our names on it, the info for the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the reception, and $20 to go towards helping us buy our dress! there were also color swatches and pieces of fabric that matched what she is using for the decorations. it was a box of brainstorming…

just a little celebratory fun

she did all this herself….the wonders of hot glue, which apparently she said she had never used before until these!

i will be sure to share photos of the wedding towards the end of the year so you can see all the fun we had with making this day so special for her….stay tuned!


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