Ok…so I have never posted from my phone, but my computer is located in the office where I am pretty certain that it is 15 degrees hotter. Remember, we are the “rooftop” birds, so this house warms up pretty fast. (We live in the upstairs attic apartment of a house). So, I was going to post some photos of some homemade DIY bridesmaids gifties, but I think I will just leave you with a list of fun activities for these hot summer days…

-swimming (obviously)
-late afternoon grilling (trees please)
-bike rides–I have to elaborate, because before this week I would have said no way, but I have been car-less all week, thus biking wherever I need to go, and although it is a hot breeze, there is still a breeze! So, if you want to be active, i suggest biking.
-crafting! (And if your studio/office/spare room/corner is hot, just move to a cooler spot in the house)
-movies OUT (theaters are notoriously cold)
-movies IN (little movement in a dark room?….sounds summery)
-margaritas! Yes, yes, i know technically alcohol dehydrates you, but they are crisp and cool in the meantime.
And lastly, take time to read. The summer is a perfect time to chill out on your couch and catch up on your reading to-do list…

Happy triple-digit summer! Stay cool.


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