my first gig…

i went to MTSU here in tenneseee to get my bachelors degree in fine art. i graduated in 2008 and am slowly beginning to put this education to work. i just really love artistic, beautiful, colorful things. although i majored in painting, i am not 100% settled in one area of art yet; all i know is that i want to surround myself with creativity. that statement brings me to my most recent adventure. my sister, Lindsey, of Lindsey Johnson Photography is a wedding/baby photographer, and personally, i think she is the bees knees at this stuff. she works very hard and is quite passionate about what she is doing. she recently did an enviable engagement photo shoot for a couple out in Leiper’s Fork at Southall Eden. the glory of the shoot was that i got to assist her. katherine and ethan were amazing, and i was happy that they did not seem to mind my presence there. (i know when i did engagement photos, i felt beyond awkward being followed around by a camera) when a photographer does a photo shoot, often times they add props to the settings. lindsey trusts me enough to take my creativity and help apply it to something she puts her name on. it was an enlightening experience. i had a lot of creative freedom, not to mention a room FULL of props located on the property. lindsey let me decide on most of the choices, and from it, i felt invigorated! it was certainly work hauling old laterns, antique bottles, tree branches, chairs, blankets, chalkboards and picture frames up and down stairs and across the property, but i loved being apart of something that is intimate and treasured among couples for the rest of their lives. i have a few new goals that have branched out of this experience, and i cannot wait to assist her again!

lindsey and i chose the wire laterns hanging on the columns, and i found a goldmine of antique bottles and a bird cage that we placed on the bar behind them.

this prop room was overflowing with good ideas…

Katherine is a painter as well…so finding ideas for her was easy!

you don’t always notice the props in a photo shoot…because they are not usually meant to be noticed. but looking back at lindsey’s work, i am proud to have helped create the energy that katherine and ethan radiated so naturally.


One thought on “my first gig…

  1. You did a great job! And the pictures turned out great.
    It’s interesting, I started reading the book “The Handmade Marketplace”, the perfect book for any crafter or designer who wants to start selling their goods. The book talks about propping your pictures. I guess I’ve never really considered how important it is until reading the book, AND seeing your beautiful work.

    Good luck with your artistic journey 🙂


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