luca’s welcome party

this past weekend i was surrounded by children. not being a mother myself, but hoping to be one day, i relish the time i get to spend around these growing, exploring, crying, laughing, life-changing delights. i always feel so blessed to spend time with my friends and their families. we celebrated the birth of my friend diana and abe’s second child, luca. we didn’t get a chance to do a baby shower for her before he came, so we decided to have a little get together for the after math. diana is full-blooded romanian and abe is both costa-rican and jamaican. their first boy, my godson, marc is so beautiful and fully boy. he is wild at heart and full of life, just like diana. we are all interested to see what personality luca will have. several of our friends came with their children in tow. i thought i would share some of my favorite photos from the day.

i used the bunting i made to decorate, and gave it to luca as a present

tea time

probably my favorite shot of the day.

big brother marc

modern day baby celebrations usually include men…which makes me happy.

meet the new dad!

…and the new mom!

and, of course, the reason we all came, and the boy who slept through the whole entire thing, luca.


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