the best cinnamon toast…

this past weekend i got to go visit my parents to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad. i have a couple posts to document the trip, but i will start with my favorite…..cinnamon toast. on sunday, i told my dad as part of his present, i was going to cook him breakfast. so, adam started up the bacon, i prepped the eggs, and then i focused my efforts on my all time favorite cinnamon toast. now, up until sunday, i had only been taught this toast recipe by my long time friend joey’s grandmother. we call her “granny bunn-head”….it fits because she always wears her hair in a bun. i used to take vacations every year with his family to see his grandmother in st. augustine, florida, and she would always stuff us full of this buttery, sugary heaven. so, i wanted to share it with my family, and, of course, create a new addiction for my husband. as i was prepping it, my mom told me that my great-grandmother used to make it this way as well. so, i don’t know where it hails from, but if you have never eaten cinnamon toast this way, be prepared to never turn back. it is terribly bad for you, but delicious none-the-less……

you start simple enough. you slice semi-thin pieces of REAL butter and place it on the toast. 3 pieces should be about right.

then, be generous with your sugar. what! a blob just fell in the middle! oh no??? …no….NOT oh no….oh YES! i make sure there is atleast a thin layer covering the whole piece. warning: the more sugar, the crunchier the goodness.

now, this next step you need to be a tad more careful. cinnamon is strong, and you don’t want to add too much, certainly not an even layer. it is really to taste. if you just absolutely adore cinnamon, pour heavy, but for those of us that enjoy just that slight bit of flavor, make sure you can see the bottom of your sugar.

set your oven to broil. put it on a high rack, but not the very top or else the bread will harden. be sure to CHECK YOUR BREAD! this process will not take long. take it from me, who burned many a slice of bread in my day. once you see the sugar/butter start to bubble ever so slightly, it is time. take out and get that hard-earned sugar-induced stomach ache….it is well worth it.


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