sixty-six….that’s how many albums i have in my iphoto. everytime i upload photos from my camera, i ought to catagorize them….and honestly, i ought to do it more often. but editing photos, lumping them together to decide what event was what…it all seemed like an awful lot of work on certain days. well, today was my day to make it right.

my husband taught himself lacrosse about 2 years ago, just because, and i wanted to put up some pictures of him in action. unfortunately, once i got on here, i jumped into an exhausting task of reorganizing everything in my photo albums. and to be honest, 66 albums is probably nothing to some of you. if this were my sister, she would most likely have so many albums that she had to buy an external hard drive AND a second computer just to hold all of the pictures. but for me, 66 is so, so many.

although it was an exhausting task, i did enjoy getting to look through all these photos again. here are a few to delight you…

one of my best friend’s daughter….she is now 4 and 1/2.

family vacation to Edisto Beach in 2009

the birth of my niece in 2009

one of the few snows we get in Tennessee….this is on Vanderbilt campus (2009)

my days of coaching a larger swim team, in fact, the one i swam on my whole childhood. (2010)

the flood in may, 2010, ….and us not being smart and wading through it.

the night adam proposed….

the perfection of Asheville, NC

the ceiling at the MOST perfect coffee shop in Charleston, SC….Hope and Union

about a 100 photos of this large animal…my first and only child, Charlie.

“one’s real life is so often the life one does not lead”–Oscar Wilde


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