cupcake art…

i was browsing pinterest one random day, and i stumbled upon a great photo of cupcake liner art. the photo was of someone who had taken different sized liners and thumb-tacked them onto the wall in a pretty pattern. i immediately fell in love with the concept, but the problems were glaring me in the face: first of all, i rent, and i don’t think my landlady would appreciate my putting 100 tiny tack-holes in the wall. second, since i live in an old place, the walls are weird and hate me most of the time when it comes to hanging things (cinderblock behind plaster), so things tend to make larger holes than planned and not be secure. unfortunately, my mind was made up about this idea….so i twisted it to fit my life. perhaps this will help you too……

i started off with a blank canvas, some paint, and some cupcake liners. (the ones i used were plain white. pictured here are some with decor on it, so if you don’t want to keep it too simple, you can use decorative liners, and that can really add to the piece) the color i chose for my canvas was a deep, dark purple. my living room has a rusty orange couch, my hardwood floors are stained with an orange-ish tint, and my door is bright red. (well….WAS bright red, but that story is for another day.) the purple helped tone down the room and bring a little “coolness” to it. you can choose any color. you can paint it solid, or do a light wash with acrylic paint.

before placing the liners onto my canvas, i stretched them out by pulling the pleats apart. you don’t have to do this, i just wanted to make these circles as large as i could. if you want the piece to be more 3-dimensional, i suggest not stretching the liners.

i could not find liners that were drastic enough in size differences, so i just cut out the centers to make smaller circles.

i had several black thumb-tacks on hand, so i used those for the “centers” of the cupcakes. to make it more interesting, i would place the tacks in other areas of the liners, rather than the center. you can use any color your heart desires!…or that you can find…..or if you want to paint the tacks….

what i ended up with was a smaller, single piece of art that had the same feel as the one i had seen. i love it, and i cannot believe how easy it was.

***a side note….if you have small children that you suspect might ever decide to mess with wall art, after pushing the tacks into the canvas, i would flip the canvas over and either file the tack ends a little or bend them over with needle nose plyers or a hammer. that way the kids couldn’t pull the tacks out of the canvas.


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