the wonderful world of dishes…

let’s just take a minute and talk about obsessions. we all have something that really catches our attention. for women, typically it is something along the lines of clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, or make-up. men tend to flock towards clothes, shoes, sports, beers, or music. mine? well, i am completely weak to bowls……yes, you are reading that correct. bowls. i love dishes. i love the designs, the colors, the shapes and sizes, but what i simply cannot resist, no matter how hard i try, are bowls. no matter how many i seem to accumulate, i continue to want more. crate and barrel? oh please, just keep me away. my former roomie, before i got married, told me that i needed to stop with the dishes, and that we certainly had too many bowls. but that did not stop me for a moment….i just cannot help myself. cereal bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, ice cream bowls, pasta bowls, measuring bowls,….you name it, i need it. of course, i KNOW that cereal will fit in any of these bowls, and i realize that ice cream can be eaten straight out of the carton, but no….i need presentation, i need somewhere to scoop my oatmeal at breakfast…somewhere to place the fruit during brunch…somewhere to keep my salad seperate during dinner…blueberries, popcorn, almonds, candy…it all needs a home, and a cute one at that. God bless the bowls.


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