an adventure in “i do”…

probably the best part about a smaller wedding was the time i had to help create it. mine and adam’s engagement lasted about 8 months. Lindsey Johnson, my sister and photographer extroidinaire works in marketing and really knows her way around people and business talk, AND she happens to LOVE weddings….which meant that within the first 3 weeks of engagement, i had my location, my photographer, my videographer, my tent, tables, chairs, caterer, etc. all set up and booked. thank God for her because i would have fallen apart with the research. that left me all the room in the world to make my own creative choices. we hired a woman named Kathi Johnson to help bring my vision into existence, and i can safely say that my wedding was right around perfect….(get ready, this is a long one, but full of pictures!)

etsy became my best friend….although she was a fairly new friend at the time. it all started with a video that my videographer and long time friend, Matt Underwood, assisted on in Nashville. it was a wedding video, the girl was wearing blue shoes, and that was all i needed to get me up and running with creativity!

i ordered my blue shoes (custom bridal flats, to be exact) from Hydra Heart. they were so soft and comfortable, and the perfect blue to match my earings, which i got at Pangea.

as part of my gift to my bridesmaids and flower girl, i chose to make my own hair clips. we found some super creative “button-iers” on etsy for the groomsmen, and this made me want to match the ladies. i don’t know why i like buttons, but i really do.

my niece’s hair clips as the flowegirl

1 of 7 unique sets of bridesmaid clips

i bought some stamps, found some old printmaking paper left over from college, got some vellum and silver brads and my mom and i made my invitations…

the ceremony had to have some special handmade touches as well. i always wanted to get married under a giant tree or a canopy of trees, but due to the time of year, my hatred for research, and the fact that i cannot get married at Radnor Lake, i didn’t find a place with these specifications in time. ….so….we made our own canopy. this is where having a decorator comes in handy. she did a much classier job with these than my idea to just find a way to hang the sheets from window ledges or walls….which who knows how i would have accomplished that.

we made our own programs, as well…

the reception centerpieces were so perfect. this was all Kathi. all i told her was that i wanted cotton and to tie them into the wedding.

just so you can see my bouquet, so you know what i am talking about….

craspedia, purple mokara orchids, and dusty miller.

….and the mothers/grandmothers flowers….

….and the bridesmaid bouquets….

and, of course, there was the guest book…..

…and the bird cake-toppers from my mom on top of a cake made by the deliciously talented Patty Bartlett

the cake was a Martha Stewart cake, and kathi made the cake stand with some tree limbs and brown wicker.

etsy to the rescue again! i work in a coffee shop, so i saved up lots of different loose tea, which we filled small cork-topped test tube glasses with and added a very special bird tag from Fairly Loving Creations.

sheesh…..we made a ton of things for this wedding!

last thing in the reception was one of my favorites….my mom and i had an idea to create holiday light chandeliers. we searched and searched for wire wreaths so that we could wrap them, or play around with the idea, but leave it to kathi to be madame resourceful. this was the combination of our idea and her awesome abilities…

it was a 3-tier fixture with tree branches and sticks wrapped around.

last thing….adam and i really wanted to create our own photo booth. we always liked them at other people’s weddings, but i wanted to class it up a bit. there was a clock tower in the center of the main drive to the location, so we turned that into a photo booth. we coaxed some groomsmen and my poor friend ben (that 12 passenger van gets him in trouble all the time) into hauling our orange couch to the site so that we could use it for the photos…by the end of the night, i had 4 offers on buying the couch. nah, we still have it in our living room.

this is my aunt laurie, my mom, and my aunt buh

it was so much fun making this wedding a reality. i was never a girl who dreamt about her wedding day much as a kid, but once it was here, i threw myself into it completely!

**all my photography was done by Alissa Saylor Photography.

**my invitations will be up for sale on my etsy page, The Rooftop Birds, which is also where the bird cake-toppers and guest book were made.


4 thoughts on “an adventure in “i do”…

  1. Ummmm…..GORGEOUS!! I have seen your pictures and loved how YOU and unique it all appeared, but now I ADORE all the special little touches you put into it. Exquisite!


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