Carl and Kelly’s cake-toppers

Our friends Carl and Kelly just got married at midnight this past friday night. when kelly asked me to make some surprise cake-toppers for carl, i was completely into it. my mom made mine and adam’s cake-toppers for our wedding, which not only made it special and sentimental, but, of course, perfect, because my mom is very creative.

Kelly and Carl met each other through marching band. they both attended this prestigious drum corp in California, and that is how they met. Carl was insistent that they did not include any “cheesy” drumming stuff for the wedding, but she knew that he would love it once he saw it….and, as suspected, he did! this is the process for making them. they are super easy to create, and could be created with any other type of costume.

These were the beginning pieces the Kelly brought to me. i loved it because it allowed me to keep it simple.

these were my supplies. I used the wood pieces for the people, felt for the hat, acrylic paint for the uniform (not pictured), the expo marker was for the shape of the top of the hat, needle and thread to sew the top of the hat onto the bill, and a button to sew the bill up on one side.

This was step two. i gave them both hair, and started their uniforms. no arms, no faces….this is no problem.

This was Kelly. Her uniform was slightly different than Carl’s, so i represented that in the painting. I also gave her some hair that looked somewhat like her own.

this was carl. he had a hat that went with his uniform. kelly provided me with some feathers to match the actual ones he wore. i gave carl hair under his hat, and just held it on with a piece of scotch tape

and of course….i gave kelly a ponytail

you could do something like this for any occasion. i think it would be especially fun for kids since they could keep they pieces. .


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