could i be a culinary genius?

my mother always cooked for my family….every night…no matter how late we got home from swim practice or school events.  my husband and i lead very busy lives with schedules that are constantly changing.  dinner together is not an easy goal for us.  typically what happens is we both get home, get caught up in our own little tasks, then realize we are famished, yet too lazy to think, much less actually move our muscles to cook, so we end up out to eat.  well, this can really be a pinch on the budget and the jeans.  so, i have decided to take up after my mother and cook as many nights a week as possible.  some amazing things are coming out of this endeavor……(pictures to come).


Sunday night i made a meal from a cookbook my sister gave me a few years ago (yes, just now using it) called “jamie at home”.  his meals, so far, are proving to be some of my favorite.  I made Roasted White Fish and Leeks.  i used haddock, which i had never had until that night….so good!  this was also my first time to cook leeks and they were the best thing on the plate!

Monday night i cooked a new dish as well, also from his cookbook.  This one was not so simple.  The cooking time was one hour, but the prep time…sheesh….call me inexperienced, but that took much longer than i thought.  i probably prepped for 45 minutes to an hour, but was it worth it!  That meal was Balsamic-baked onions and potatoes with roast pork.  very strong flavors, but am amazingly hearty meal.  apologies to my husband for not eating till almost 9pm that night.

Tuesday i was out of town, so i think my husband took a little trip to August Moon while i ate sweet cici’s with my sister and niece.  everyone deserves a little treat from time to time, right?

Wednesday night i had to work, so i made lunch instead.  let me tell you, having lunch together is such a blessing that i do not want to ever ignore.  most couples work 9-5, and lunch is either rushed or not possible as a joint activity.  i felt like it was summer at home with my family after a morning of being at the pool and an afternoon full of naps, laying in the sun, and reading ahead of me.  because of my feelings of fun and childhood, i decided to do a healthier spin on a simpler lunch.  i made homemade sweet-potato fries with sauteed chicken in mushrooms and onions and steamed broccoli.  (i wouldn’t touch onions OR broccoli when i was a kid, so really it was all about those sweet potato-fries….which i never ate either, but now i love them!)  the chicken meal is something adam cooked for me right after we starting dating.  i loved it so so much that i make it all the time now.  it’s even better topped with some Chevre.

Last night i cooked something from good ‘ol reliably quick Rachel Ray.  (Look and Cook)  my mom and dad got me this cookbook this past christmas and i find it a grand experience.  since i learn visually…or, of course, hands on…this book is perfect.  it shows all her recipes in a sort-of pictorial step-by-step method.  Adam says this one was his favorite.  I cooked Bacon-wrapped halibut (i used Cod) with shredded brussels sprouts.  i love brussels sprouts.  who knew?

tonight will be another new adventure with Rachel Ray, and i will be entertaining friends with this one…Porkchops with balsamic strawberry salad and my own sauteed asparagus (a recipe i learned while staying with friends in Italy)…stay tuned!


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